Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Whirlwind Tour

Alrighty. Well this post is going to be mostly photos. My friend Autumn and her sister came to visit me the last few days, so there were a *lot* of photos taken... so you can look forward to scatters of those for the next few days. I just figured I'd post a lot today to try and make up for not posting for the last few days. So, I hope you enjoy!

This one I took today, it's a little adobe building that looks really classic with that cactus and whatnot...but it's really a minimart lol. I made sure the sign wasn't in the shot.

This, my friends, is a 30" pizza. We have that water bottle there for scale. I'm still eating leftovers, and probably have another two days worth to go. Not sure I'm going to want pizza for a long time after this one.

A lion at the MGM. They had the males out today and they were so cute.

I've heard of the bugs in the desert being large, but this is ridiculous! I found this fly hat in FAO Schwartz in the Caesar's Forum Shops.

A baby seal wrapped in a strawberry! TOO CUTE. *cute overload....poof*

The bright lights of the Casino Royale.

Umm... yes, we got the infamous Harrah's drinks. That's a rum runner folks...

Autumn and I hangin out with Yellow

I really like this one. I took it while we were walking into NYNY. Right place right time I guess.

An "artsy" shot with part of the sign and a look up the Strip.

Me in front of the sign. I know I live here, but really! Who doesn't want their photo by the sign?

The sign by itself. That's what I'd call a postcard shot folks.

The Bellagio fountains. They're really awesome. This was from the song "This Kiss" by Faith Hill.

The Chihuly glass on the ceiling of the Bellagio lobby.

A shot from the top of the parking garage at the Bellagio. That's the Paris, in case it wasn't entirely obvious.

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Jess said...

Gorgeous pictures. Just gorgeous. Especially the pizza ;)

But seriously..the fountains look awesome!