Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I've noticed.....

....that apparently I've started a picture collection of me with pirate statues. This dawned on me a couple days ago when I took the most recent of these photos. Funny isn't it?

At the FAO Schwartz toy store in Caesar's Forum Shops. January 2009

At the Toys'R'Us in Times Square. April 2007 (note same denim jacket lol)

The pirate store in Seattle. May 2007


Jess said...

Yarrrr! That would actually make a fantastic album, all printed out...

Monica said...

Hi Lady! Are you really living in Vegas? What do you think? Who do you see (people we know?)?

Thanks for stopping by the blog. It's nice to hear that someone would think I am poetic like Jess--I really admire her writing and hope she publishes one day.

You have a pirate fetish, aye? Or should I say..."Arrr"!