Sunday, January 4, 2009

So. Tired.

I don't know what train hit me, but I wish there would have been a warning. I am exhausted today. So this post won't be very long.

Things to note today:
I need a new computer ASAP. More about that tomorrow.
I'm pretty sure I have a zillion cavities and should probably go to the dentist.
Met a *very* lovely Scotsman today who is actually my age. Will hang out later.
Need to buy baking stuffs. Am out.

Sorry I'm not more exciting, I'm just tired. But tomorrow is another day. I did get my photos though, so that's a bonus.

Mountains and palm trees. Still weird. Not such the fan of these mountains, they are what my mother would call "potato mountains" because they're just brown and lumpy.

I present to you the fine folks that made my dinner tonight. I know that In-n-Out is a pop culture icon kinda thing, but really I just care because they make really freakin' good burger.

Looks like a shot from a horror film doesn't it? I took it while I was waiting in the drive thru line for my burger. The building is Sunset Station. I actually kinda like this one.

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