Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Mingle!

Hello hello!  It's that time again!  This week for Monday Mingle I submitted questions, woot woot!  To join in the fun, pop on over and say hi to Jen @ EightyMPHmom!  Password for the vid is: misadventure.  Have a great week ya'll!  (PS - My still frame on the vid makes me look like I'm doing some bizarre kissy-face, lol)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday Mingle!

Hey hey!  Monday Mingle time!  To go visit our lovely host Jen and all the other minglers, head on over to Eighty MPH Mom!  I feel like I was a little spastic this week, sorry about that.  Password as always is: misadventure.  Enjoy!
Monday Mingle May 24, 2010 from Lauren on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week One

Wow guys.  What a crazy week!  I feel like we've been here for months already and it's just day 7.  I'm not sure we were even that productive this week, which kinda scares me a little.  We put up two shows in two weeks and we've only completed one drop.  What that really means is that we have two shows worth of scenery to get built and painted in the next week so we're ready to start techs the week after.  Not gonna lie, I panicked a bit this morning when we discussed it in company meeting.  It's really not like we're slacking either...there's just been a lot of running around that had to get done, and we can't paint anything until the shop builds it, so you know, there is that.  We should be in pretty good shape though.
That's the drop we finished today.  I like it.  Very art nouveau.  Also, just so you can have some perspective, that's 15 feet tall by 44 feet long.  Yup.
Also, since we're a part of the Playhouse, we get a ridiculous deal on memberships at the local gym.  And let me tell you, this gym is FAN-cy.  So today during our lunch break I went over and signed up.  The cool thing too is that you can just go month by month, so there's no pressure to buy more time than we'll be here.  I have 6 weeks to get my Project Runway dress zipped up.  And I'm not going to try it on until two days before I plan to wear it.  This way if I need to make any alterations or alternate dress arrangements I have some time.  In a perfect world I'll put it on and zip it right up and it'll fit just right.  I have to quit making excuses like "I don't have time" or "I'm tired" or "Well I'll go out today, and just start tomorrow."  NO!  No no no.  I've been so distracted by all these wonderful friends and just being so happy that I've kinda lost my focus.  I mean don't get me wrong, I am definitely all about being happy, but I will be happier if I continue to lose weight and become the healthy person I want to be.  Focus.  Must, focus.
Also incredibly noteworthy, on Thursday I went to see the Barenaked Ladies in concert!  HECK YEAH!  I had bought the ticket in February, and got the go ahead for the evening off the day after.  I was way prepared and totally wasn't going to miss it!  OMG, it was awesome.  It's right up there with my favorite life moments.  They are truly amazing and talented musicians, and I just couldn't help but be overwhelmingly happy the entire time.  I actually considered not going, I'm still fighting off a bit of a cold, and I was thinking I should just stay and work, but at the last second I was like, "Nope, you're going.  Because you'll totally regret it if you don't."  And you know what?  I was right.  I'm so happy and thankful I had the chance to go.  I bought my boss a shirt as a thank you gift for letting me go.  :)  And on a complete fluke, I wound up texting with one of my friend's girlfriends during the set break, and she told me they were his favorite band ever and asked if I would buy him a shirt as well.  So of course I said I would!  As it turns out, he was ecstatic and said it was his very first band shirt, so I was totally a winner on that one and got Awesome Friend points.  :D
I'm going to try to get a mingle up this week too, so hopefully I'll have tomorrow for ya.  But this is just a snippet of what my first week has been like.  Many more adventures to come!  Stay tuned!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sooo happy....*sigh*

I am the happiest girl right now!  Just got to my most favorite place in the world.  Amazing the energy that something like that can give you.  :)  I got in on Monday, and every day this week a few more folks trickle in....and we all keep getting more and more excited to start the season!  It's really like we never left.  Even the new kids have taken to us like ducks to water.  Which is good, better than scaring them off!  lol!
I've been working a little this week, for most of the day, but nothing really strenuous.  Just some piddly things.  But those are finished now, so I'm done with working until Sunday.  :D  Whoooo!  We have a small show opening tonight, so those of us that are here are going to get all gussied up and go watch the show.  I'm so excited, it's awesome you guys.  If you haven't heard of Forbidden Broadway (which I hadn't), you should look into it.  SO FUNNY.
I've also been so happily distracted by everything that I'm already fearing July is going to arrive too soon.
Things I've done in the last 5 days:
Killed a spider.
Met up with old friends.
Been at the bar.  Every night.  (not always drinking!  Just for the record. :) )
Had a night without heat or hot water.
Ridden in the trunk of my own car.
Made a midnight munchie ham sandwich.
Had some heart-to-heart talks.
Been waist-deep in fabric.
Curled a wig.
Lacquered just about anything that is standing still. (i.e. a giant platform and some show signs)
Repainted faces.
Walked up and down The Hill.  It's still a pain, but not as much of one.
Met lots of new friends.
Been shot with a squirt gun.
Gone to breakfast at an amazing diner.
Promised my denim jacket to one of my new friends.
Gone grocery shopping for a super secret special dinner.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us!  Yeah!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monday Mingle!

Iiiiiit's Monday Mingle!  Sorry I was absent last week, time just got away from me.  But I'm back now. :)  To join in or just go see all the other Monday Mingles, stop by and see Jen @ EightyMPHmom!
Password for the video is: misadventure.  Enjoy!  :D (Oh, and the still frame makes me look like I just saw something really  I assure you that is not the case.)

Monday Mingle May 10, 2010 from Lauren on Vimeo.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Panic Mode!

But in a totally good way.  I'm getting ready to pack up and head out for the summer and I'm SO EXCITED.  We have the same work schedule every day the whole time I'm there, and I'm planning to set aside bloggy time so I can tell you guys all about our crazy adventures.  Because you can bet there will be lots of those.  It's pretty much a crazy ride from day one right up until we all leave!
And bonus, the title of my blog will actually make sense for a change, since I'll actually be doing theatre work.  Woot!  Being the scenic artist for a playhouse is an awesome job, so there will also be lots and lots of pictures of me and various others in paint-covered clothing dancing around the shop with rollers and brushes.  :)
But before all the fun can start, I have to actually get there.  And I am NOT ready.  Well, mentally I'm totally ready.  Mentally I think I was there a month ago.  Physically though I'm absolutely scattered.  I've got clothes in piles that need washing, forests-worth of papers in bags, and about 572384734958732 things to do before Monday.
In addition to that my eating pattern this week has been really screwed up.  So about now I'm feeling like the Michelin Man about now.
Cause you know, my biceps look like a pair of tires.  Amazing what a week of haphazard eating will do to you when you've been so careful for so long.  I'm a little disappointed because NOW is when I wanted to feel my best.  But I know this feeling will be gone soon and I'll be right back with it, and I have to be positive.
Alright!  So, first step, climb the mountain of clothing in my bedroom.  Then, tackle The Hill.  Whooo!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Pretty self-explainatory.  I would hope.  :)

So I just saw the greatest commercial ever, it was for Weber grills, and it had a bunch of people doing crazy dances.  If there are two things I love in life, they would be barbecue and crazy dances.  Both of which I'll get to enjoy very soon....yes! Well, mostly the barbecue part, I do the crazy dancing part most every day.  Which is probably why most of the time my bosses shake their heads at me.  Hey, at least I'm entertaining!  Anydance, here is the video for your own enjoyment!  (PS - The song rocks my face off too!  It's called "You Light Me Up" appropriate.  It was made for the commercial, and if you're like me and HAVE TO HAVE IT, click here for only place it's available.  The Weber website.  You're welcome. :D )

Speaking of songs that are catchy, Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti is right up there.  The video makes me oddly happy.  Everyone is just so content and really enjoying themselves.  Plus, I don't think you can listen to the song and not dance.  I dare you.  :)

Hmmm....let's see.  I don't know that I'm actually loving exercise, but I DO love that even though I look like this:
After I exercise, I feel like this:
And yes, I am usually laying on the floor like that when I'm done too.  That Jillian...she doesn't mess around, I tell ya.

For absolutely hilarious blog posts, ya'll should check out The Bloggess if you haven't already.  Hilarious.  I wish I could write like these people who are so snarky and witty.  (I'm looking at you Travis, Daffy, and Jen.)  Alas, here I am, talking about tv ads for a charcoal grill.  I tell ya, the fun never ends around this place.  (Oh, and you should also read this, because it might be funniest Craigslist ad ever.  Yup.  Which I found on The Bloggess.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Memoir Monday: That Time I Was Homeless (Kind of)

Memoir Monday is brought to you by that fabulous funny guy Travis @ I Like to Fish.
Now, when I say I was homeless, I don't really mean HOMELESS.  Way back when I was in high school, I was also in youth group at church.  And my youth group, we did a ton of really cool things, but one of the most memorable, was the time we went and tried to experience what it was like to be homeless for an evening.
So this troupe of high school students, armed with cardboard boxes and every bit of clothing they could fit on their body, traipsed into the cathedral parking lot one cold Montana evening.  We were given $5 for food for dinner, and told we would be walking to the nearest grocery store.  Our herd was gathered and we started our walk to go find some food, all of us murmuring and talking about what it was like to be "on the streets."  Once at the grocery store, we scattered.  Some of us formed small groups of two or three, and planned little mini-meals.  Like, "Alright, well So-and-So, you get salad stuff, You-There get bread and cheese, I'll go to the deli and get some ham and turkey."  Yeah.  We were all resourceful like that.  There were some folks who went and bought chips and dip or fried chicken or candy (not even kidding...) and later on when we got back to "camp" were a little disappointed in their choices.  (Hindsight is rough, ain't it?)  What really wound up happening is that everyone eventually came together and shared their food, so everyone had a bit of everything and no one was forced to eat an entire bag of Snickers Minis for dinner.
Someone had also brought their guitar, and of course we made a fire (it was controlled, and in a parking lot) so we all sat around and had our very "Kumbaya" moments.  Which really, is kind of the point of church retreats, is it not?  So we sang, and ate, and I think someone even thought to by marshmallows so we went and grabbed some sticks from around the yard and roasted them over the fire.
When it was time for bed, we busted out our cardboard boxes and duct tape.  The same groups that had planned at dinner time, had a plan for the night as well.  What we did was tape all our boxes together to make a little "house" and share the space.  So all the little intricate tunnels of cardboard boxes were littering the cathedral lawn.  I'm sure it looked awesome.  :)  The girls whom I wound up sharing with said the next morning they were cozy and slept just great.  I, on the other had, slept in one of the outer boxes and practically froze to death.  I mean it's Montana in November people, it gets COLD at night!  And here I am, layered in three shirts, a sweatshirt, my heavy winter coat, mittens AND gloves, and a hat and I'm freezing.  I think I actually over-layered, which caused me to sweat, which then in turn made me colder because of the air hitting my body.  (Again, hindsight's rough, ain't it?)  But you know, we all made it.  I know that our little evening was hardly a comparison to what some folks actually go through, but amidst all the goofing around we did have some serious discussion.  Some of us faired better than others, but in the end we all learned a lot and were much more thankful that we only had to do this for one evening and not every day for survival.  And I have to say, it was a really cool experience.