Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Arrival

Hi all. Well, so far this week has brough me both good and bad news. We will start with the bad news so as to end on a high note. Bad News: I realized I am going to be way in over my head financially if something miraculous doesn't happen very soon. Keep me in your thoughts please, every little bit helps! Meanwhile, I am frantically praying as hard as I ever have. Good News: Monday I had some job opprotunities present themselves to me, which is AWESOME. The first and most likely, is at Best Buy part time. Now, I've never made it a life goal to work at Best Buy, but it's a store that I like well enough, and it pays at least $8 an hour, which is more than what I have now, now being nothing. So any work is good work at this point. Yay Best Buy. I have my final interview on Friday, so we'll see what that brings. While I was on the phone with Best Buy, King Dahl called me and left a message. King is the production manager over at MGM Mirage, and was the guy that Frank had referred me over to. I had called and left him a message last Thursday about just meeting and chatting a bit to see what maybe I could do for him in the future. He returned my call (unfortunately when I couldn't receive it! damn, but that's ok) and said the best way to contact him is through email and left his email address. I promptly emailed him as soon as I got off the phone (while I was getting ready for my Best Buy interview, lol) saying that I would like to meet and have a chat, blah blah blah, I would be happy to send you my resume if you'd like. Love, Me. I got an email back 15 minutes later saying "Great. Yes, send me your resume." Which, of course, I did. I haven't heard back from him since then, but I understand that he is a very busy man. If I don't hear from him by the end of the week I will send him a note on Monday asking if he got my resume ok and that I was just checking in. He sounds like a very nice fellow, so I'm hopeful. If you could also keep this in your thoughts for me that would be swell. Again, meanwhile, I will be praying as I never have before. So elated was I on Monday after all this good news, that I decided to hunt down this rubber stamp store recommended to me by a gal on one of my art sites. I found it, but barely. It's very tucked away in a corner, and I found it by sheer luck I'm certain. However, the little old guy that runs it reminds me of Santa and is very pleasant. I asked him on a whim if he would be looking for any help and he said that he actually might have a part time position for me and to check back later in the week. Bonus. This is all good news.

That's as far as it goes for right now though, seeing as I haven't heard from anyone in the last couple days, but hey, it's a start and that's all I really needed. I'll be sure to update on Friday after I have the Best Buy interview and let you know what happened there.

Ok, so I have a new baby. It's a red and gold sunburst Gibson that I bought last week at a pawn shop for a really good price. (i.e. "really good price" = not good enough that I will tell you as I am still ashamed that I bought it due to my current financial situtation) I got it with an amp, seeing as it's an electric guitar, and I've been trying to learn to play. I have learned over the course of this last week that my fingers are retarded. Especially the fingers on my left hand. And they're fat. Nonetheless, I spent the money and I must commit. Not only to actually learn something cool, but also to prove to myself that it wasn't a waste of money. I got the strap for it today (I'd been practicing on my knee sitting down) and I also got a book with some cds and dvds that go with it, which should be much more helpful than the online videos I've been looking at so far. And with that I present to you my new baby....

....isn't she pretty? :)