Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Day of WIN!

I've been really blessed today! The first thing I saw this morning was the tweet on my phone from Melissa over at OperationNICE. The story I sent her about the homeless man I met in Vegas was featured today! SO COOL! I'm excited and honored I got to have a spot on Melissa's amazing blog. If you haven't gone to check it out go now! She's completely inspiring. You'll be so glad you did. :D

Secondly, I just found out I was today's Orglamix winner in the giveaway sponsored by Clueless Mama at Guessing all the Way! Rock on! Her blog is so cute guys, you need to give it a read. And Orglamix is a cool company that does organic makeup. So far she has blush and TONS (read: 250) shades of eyeshadow, and she's working on some earth-friendly nail polish right now. All her stuff is really shimmery and pretty, and she has some great collections as well as the indiviual colors. Check out her Etsy shop for more info. :)

After much deliberation and advidce from the interwebs, I have moved home again. I suppose I'm ok with that. It's not Missoula, but it's home, and that's not bad either. I actually applied for a receptionist job on Monday and have an interview tomorrow, so hey! Wish me luck. :) I'll take all the help I can get, lol. Other than that, I've just been plugging away with admissions stuff for school. Got my essay all written and sent (thank you Autumn and Erika for proofing!) and now I'm working on getting a portfolio put together to prove I am, indeed, an artist. No pressure or anything there... But that's due next Wednesday, so I have the weekend to make sure I have everything I need together.

I think that's all for tonight actually, I'm going to try to get to bed at a decent(ish) hour so I can be rested and rock the interview tomorrow! Have a good night, and a big THANK YOU to everyone that made my day awesome! *muah!*

Addendum: I was checking my blogroll this evening, I have more news of WIN! Alexis from Running Away? I'll Help You Pack just nominated a bunch of her bloggy buddies for a bunch of awards...myself included! Wheee! Aw Alexis, you're the best! What a way for me to end my day. :) Thanks girlie!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Well, I'm at a very small crossroads. Let me give to you the facts first (in convenient list form), and then I'll tell what I'm pondering about.

- still jobless, but looking
- don't like my basement place
- have actually spent more time at home than the place I'm paying for
- have more friends and things to do in Missoula than at home
- I have most of my stuff stored at home, and only what I really need day to day at the basement place

Here are the multiple questions I'm asking myself:

Should I stick it out in the creepy basement and look for jobs/homes in Missoula?
Should I save the cash and go back home and STILL look for jobs/homes in Missoula?
Should I save the cash, go back home, and look for job there?
Should I try to stay with some other folks in Missoula and wait it out there?

The end of the month is quickly approaching and I need to make a decision. Really truly, I want to get the *bleep* out of that basement. You guys, I know I sound like the biggest wuss/diva/scaredy cat on the planet, but it so creeps me out. Obviously, I'd be saving money at home because I wouldn't be paying anything in rent or bills. I'll still be looking for work, and I can still look in Missoula, it will just be less convinent. It might be wiser anyway to stick around home just because my major goal right now is to save money, so the less outward expendature I have, the better. I don't know. Suggestions? Comments? Messages of suck it up? Leave 'em at the beep. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Favorite Bum :)

Well folks, guess what I did today? *Jeopardy waiting music plays* I talked with the gal from the Art Institute again today and applied for school! And I talked with a guy from financial aid too, and I have to fill out my FAFSA over the weekend for our phone date on Monday. And now I have an admissions essay to write, a transcript to get, and two letters of recommendation to ask for. What? Stuff to DO? Crazy! I'm totally excited though. Excited and scared to death. Turns out pursuing your life dream is a little more butterfly-inducing that I expected, lol. Should be fun though, the people are super helpful, and the program sounds perfect. And I might actually start online classes in January to get myself going. YES! And I can be done in two years. YES! This could be great folks. :)

Speaking of great, I'm really enjoying this book that a friend gave to me for my birthday this year.

I'd never read Tom Robbins before, I like his style. It's very sort of random, like myself, and I really enjoy that. I'm about a third of the way through right now, so I'll give you a full report once I'm done. :)

I suppose you're wondering why this post is titled "My Favorite Bum." Well, I'll tell you. So this is completely random. While I was driving home today I somehow got to thinking about a fellow I met once in Vegas. I will preface this by saying that of all the bums I've ever met, Vegas has some of the nicest, and this guy in particular, was exceptional. I was going to a hotel a little off the Strip to go pick up a friend of mine who had just flown into town. I have also, recently bought a new car (against my will, but that's a different story) and thus, it is very clean (cars actually don't get dirty in Vegas. So weird). I parked in front of the hotel, got out of my car, and this fellow approaches me. I've been approached by bums (I really wish there was a better word, it sounds so awful when I say it :( ) plenty of times before this, so I'm not really shocked. This guy though, is different. For someone who is clearly down on his luck, he is very put together. His ragged clothes were clean, he stood up proud, and had a little belt of window washing tools around his waist and a pocket full of clean rags. He comes up to me and says, "Hello Miss. Would you mind if I washed your windows for some change?" I looked at my car, with it's pretty clean windows, and looked at the man. He happened to catch me on a rare occasion when I actually had cash, and I usually give to folks who ask politely, cause hey, who am I to judge? I dug in my purse and pulled out my last $5 bill, handed it to him, smiled and said, "My car is pretty new and not really dirty, but you are welcome to this anyway." He looked at for a minute, stood up a little straighter, and before he took it he said, "I really appreciate that Miss, but if it's all the same to you, I'd like to work for my money." I was shocked. In the best possible way. I said, "Of course! I admire that Sir, go right ahead. Thank you so much!" He then took my money, nodded and said, "Thank you, Miss," and proceeded to wash my windows. My friend had met me in the parking lot while all this was going on, and we had to wait for him to finish, but he did a great job. I told him thank you again before he left, and he smiled at me and walked away. This man - who is washing strangers windows for whatever change they will give him - this man is one of the most polite, appreciative, kind folks I've ever met. He has more grace and manners than people a thousand times better off than he, and doesn't seem to moan and whine over his situation. Clearly, he influenced me, because this instance has stuck with me. We should all be so appreciative and polite. I hope that wherever he is, he is well and happy. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I don't know about you...

...but I spend WAY too much time in front of the TV and computer. In fact, most of my days I'm ashamed to say are spent simultaneously in front of both. I am now on a personal mission. I'm going to take one full week and detox. I can do the no tv, I usually just have it on for background anyway (although I usually watch the food network and then get inspired). The internet though...that's rough. I don't think I'm going to try to go cold turkey on that one, in fact I don't think I actually can. Not because I don't have the will power, (which is likely, sadly) but because I actually have things that need attention online such as emails (and my blog of it probably could wait a week). So let's say that I won't spend more than two hours total a day online. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal to some, but considering that between the two they've basically consumed me, this is going to be a drastic personal difference. If you'd like to join me on this detox journey, I think I'm going to start next Sunday (September 27th) and go through that Saturday (October 3rd). I'll probably do a few updates, just to let you all know what I'm doing with all my time now that my brain isn't melting and leaking out my ears. :) If you decide you'd like to do it too, do stop by and let me know how it's going and what exciting things you've done to fill the void. Or, if you have any suggestions of fun things (free or cheap please...I'm broke! lol) I should try, let me know! I'd love some input. Ah. I can't wait! I wonder what the outdoors are like.... ;)

Thanks for That

Sorry about my pouty-pants post yesterday. I had my moment(s) and talked with some folks and I feel better. I was just really overwhelmed out of nowhere. So strange. I'm still kind of in what I call my quarter-life crisis, lol. The "I'm 25, what have I done with my life? NOTHING! Oh jeez! Must do! Must DO!" *run in circles like chicken without head* It's weird. I don't like it. I think really truly I'm afraid to grow up. I don't want to! It's so frightening to me. Ah well. I'm working through it.

So I AM really excited because I talked with a gal today about going to school at one of the Art Institutes for animation. YAY! Hopefully that's what I need to kick my butt out of this slump. I have a follow-up phone date tomorrow to talk more about the program, school, money, etc. so we'll see how that goes. :)

As part of the Around the Blogosphere project going on right now, I thought I'd do the assignment from Mayhem and Moxie. The prompt I'm choosing to write about is the best (or worst) hotel you ever stayed in. I'll tell about both, and both I stayed in while I was on tour with the Montana Rep a few years ago. The WORST. It was a Days Inn in Elgin, IL. The rooms were dirty, there was a black film on the bottom of everyone's tub, we saw dead bugs (and some live ones), and - bonus - someone was tackled and handcuffed on the lawn right outside me and roommate's patio door. One of our actors even found a pair of underwear in his room hanging on the bathroom door. UGH. None of us showered while we were there, I'm pretty sure, because we were all afraid of what might be in the tub. It was quite possibly the longest three days ever. The theatre in Elgin was amazing, and so were the folks, but that's a different story. The BEST hotel I've stayed in is a tie I think for the University Inn in Baton Rouge, LA and a Radison in Kansas City, MO. The Radison was really nice, very modern, high end hotel. Sleep number beds in our rooms, bar in the lobby, giant tvs, free wi-fi, etc. The University Inn doesn't look like much from the outside, but the inside is amazing. It had just been remodeled shortly before we got there, and I got to be the VERY FIRST person to stay in my room! It was brand new. The beds were gigantic and perfectly soft. The shower was made of stone tile. The lobby had a fountain. It was all very exotic and beautiful. We were only there for one short day, sadly.

Well folks, that's my story for today. Thanks for being supportive and letting me have my moments. :) Much appreciated!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Panic Attack

I would like to say that normally I'm a happy, upbeat person. I'm usually of a disposition that I don't worry much (not enough sometimes, my mother would say), so right now is a little weird for me. Without going into my entire life story, I will just say that over the last year I had a bit of a rough ride. It happens, I know. This summer was the best remedy I could have asked for after what was going on in the months prior. But suddenly in the last couple days I've been really worrying that I'm TOO open and share TOO much online. I've become paranoid. I think I'm probably just being silly, I mean after all, this is my blog right? I have every right to post and share without thinking that's going to get me in trouble. Blogosphere, just tell me I'm being dumb and everything will be ok. Here's hoping the uneasiness will pass soon. *sigh*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yar! It be a Good Day!

Avast ye mateys! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! This scurvvy rat is hopin' ye celebrated in true pirate fashion. And it also be me 100th post! Happy Blogoverssiary to meh!

Me an' the crew had a fest this evenin'. Had a fresh catch o' fish tacos (see me previous post for recipe an' portraits to tempt ye), an' a upside down cake worth walkin' the plank for. Dinn't do much pluderin' otherwise, just lazin' around the deck drinkin' some grog.

Hope you matey's had a bountiful day, an' if'n you celebrated pirate day, do send me a parrot tellin' of your adventures! Argh! P.) (<---pirate smiley)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

TV...oh how I love thee

Can I just say as I'm sitting here I saw on the TV the preview (again) for the new season of House and I'm SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. I adore House, I was right on board from season one. The thing I really loved about the show is that it wasn't so graphic ala ER or Nip/Tuck. I mean yeah, one blood and guts scene, ok I'll buy it, but please, I don't need to see EVERYTHING all the time. I approved. I thought it was great. And hello? Hugh Laurie. Grrr. :) Now, I was fully on the House bandwagon until...oh...season 4. I am also a fan of Old Team. New Team, eh. I watched halfway through and lost interest (sad, I know). And season 5 is a total mystery to me. Due to the nature of my friends and family of talking about everything (I love them, but they do!) I know the major plot points. But this new season....the new season looks AMAZING. I am so looking forward to the crazy House with the sexy haircut. :D If you haven't seen it yet, you can go here to check it out.

I saw the aforementioned preview on a rare break away from Food Network watching Comedy Central. I don't usually watch comedy central because for the most part I find the shows dumb. Execptions are stand-up comedians, The Daily Show, and the Colbert Report. I LOVE me some stand-up. Eddie Izzard, Dane Cook, Jeff Dunham, Christopher Titus - these men rock my world. This time I happened to be watching Ralphie May, who I've seen before. Great stuff. Right now Dane Cook is on while I'm waiting to see the new episodes of Daily Show and Colbert Report. Let me just make it clear now that one thing I absolutely DO NOT do ever is watch the news. It is always depressing, and I do not like to be depressed. Ergo, I avoid it. This does not mean, however, that I don't want to know what's going on in the world which leaves me in an interesting conundrum. John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the answer to news for my generation and people like myself. They tell you current events but deliver it with a funny coating so it's more easily taken in. It might not be good news, but at least it's not being told to me in a stoic, serious manner. For me, it's all about the delivery. Also, that's one reason I adore OperationNICE so much! She posts positive news and stories. Something I can read that will actually make me feel better instead of worse. If you haven't checked it out yet, please go visit! Melissa is the best. :)

I'm also currently fighting the urge to go out and get Wendy's. I've seen too many cheeseburger commercials and I'm also getting hungry. It's almost midnight, of all things I need, I DO NOT need a cheeseburger, lol. If money wasn't such an issue I'd be all about it. Unfortunately I'm still waiting to hear from a couple jobs out in Jobland, so I'm on a very fixed income. *sigh* Oh tasty cheeseburger from the commercials, you will just have to visit my belly some other time.

Alright, that's all the babbling I got for this evening. Thanks for baring with me through all that lol. Night folks!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Writer's Workshop

For today I thought I would attempt the Writer's Workshop that is hosted every week by the lovely Mama Kat. The prompt(s) I chose to write about today are:
Your Fall favorites
If you could only focus on three things in life and pursue them fully, leaving everything else, what would they be and why?

Three things I'd like to pursue huh? In the grand scheme of life, I want love, happiness, and friendship. I mean, who doesn't really? To be more specific, I'd like to be able to focus on my crafts, work as an animator at Pixar, and be able to travel. I have always wanted to be an animator, ever since I saw The Little Mermaid when I was like 6. It's actually a dream I'm going to try to pursue now, in the very near future I hope! I love to travel. I love visiting friends who live elsewhere, and experiencing all that a new place has to offer (i.e. food! ...and other things too. but man I love food). I've always been a creative kid. Even now, the degree I have is an art degree. I love making things and sending them to folks to brighten their day. I'm trying right now to get into doing more things for myself (scrapbook) but it's hard because I don't really have the money to put into it at the moment. I would really love to not worry about having the money and just be able to focus on making crafts. Scrapbooks, ATCs, t-shirts, you name it. I just like to create and I'd love to have the freedom to just DO without having to worry about cost.

My Fall favorites:
Sweaters! Jackets! Hoodies! Scarves! Boots! ... I adore fall clothing.
Halloween. It's my second fave holiday. Dressing up is the BEST!
Leaves turning pretty.
The smell. Ya'll think I'm crazy. Fall smells different than the other seasons, if you pay attention you can tell.
The cooler temperature. Not too cold yet, but not so hot anymore.
Pumpkins. Not only for carving, but toasting the seeds, making soup, and don't forget the pie!
Thanksgiving. Cause hello? A holiday devoted to eating and saying thank you? How could I not be behind that?
Oktoberfest. Beer. Yup. :)

Oh, I know there's more. I love Fall. I'm also quite tired at the moment so I'm not thinking as clearly as I should be. But that's a decent start at a list. :) Anywho, I'm off to bed! Lator gators!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An ADD post

So this evening I've been reading my newest Glamour, watching Food Network, and puttering around online (Facebook mostly...sigh). In my endeavors I've learned some interesting things. I thought I'd share them with you.

The first bit I'm sure you'll hear about soon, if you haven't already. Kayne completely stole Taylor Swift's moment during the VMA's (Video Music Awards by MTV, for those that don't know). She had gone up to accept her award for Best Female Video (which is Kind of a Big Deal because she's a country star and MTV doesn't usually award for that, so YAY for her) and literally moments after she started to talk, Kayne goes up on stage, takes her mic away, and starts talking about how Beyonce should have won. *double take* WHAT. By the time he was done, the time was up. Well, Kayne got kicked out of the VMA's, and when Beyonce went up to accept her award for Video of the Year, she let Taylor have her speech time instead, which got a standing ovation. I have two very opposite and intense reactions about this. The first is disgust for the largely inappropriate display of disrespect, and the second is reassurance and faith at the gesture of kindness and audience reaction that the event caused. Ugh. I could go on, but I have other more upbeat things I'd rather discuss. If you'd like the news story, you can go here to read it on Rolling Stone's website.

Now, I was reading my Glamour and I was puttering around on the website as well, and I found a great article. It's called "Get to Know the Woman on p.194." And, without a second thought, I knew exactly who they meant. In the September issue, there was an article about confidence and being comfortable with who you are. In this article was a picture of a model who was sitting in her underwear, smiling, happy....and with a little tummy pooch. She is by NO stretch of the imagination "fat." She's an average sized girl who is happy in her skin. I even thought to myself, "Wow, that's awesome. Go Glamour for usuing real sized models!" when I was going through the magazine. As it turns out, she caused a HUGE reaction from readers thanking her and Glamour for showing an average sized girl. So huge in fact, that they were on The Today Show! You can see the interview here. Really. Go watch it. It's awesome. I've struggled with my weight since I was little, so body issue topics always really hit home for me. It's things like this that are refreshing and give me hope for the industry.

Alrighty, my last little nugget is not any sort of Big Important Issue, just a fun fact. Apparently Friendship Bracelets are back in style. LOL. Like back in style being worn on the runway, which I think is kinda cool. It's just one of those little things that makes me happy. There was an article about this too, how it's very "chic" to collect bracelets from your travels as little reminders of adventures you had and friends you made. Even how one fashion show made the attendees wear the friendship bracelets they sent out in the invites to get in to the show. Lord knows I've made a number of these bracelets in my day. I mean, what pre-teen in my generation didn't? Maybe I'll have to start making some again and send them out to my friends. It could be a nice little gift, and hey, then we can be "chic" too. ;)

Got thoughts on any of these things? Please share! I'd love to hear what you have to say. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just some things

I just decided to make a new upbeat playlist for my iPod, inspired by Folding Chair by Regina Spektor. If you guys haven't heard this song it's way too cute. My friend Jess introduced it to me. (You can read her blog here.) I will post it here for you listening enjoyment. :)

It just makes me happy. :D I actually already have a huge playlist on my iPod called Happy Mix that I'll keep, but I thought it was time for an update. How often do you change up or make new playlists? Do you have a favorite song or artist right now that you just can't get enough of?

On a different note, I've been trying to get back into yoga the last little while and I've been failing miserably. However, for those of you that didn't know, September is Yoga Awareness month. I adore it, I think it's a fantastic way to exercise that's low impact (I have the worst joints knees go in every direction) and highly beneficial. If you're new to yoga, want to try, or just want something new, there's a great podcast called YOGAmazing that I've been subscribing to for the past few months. It's, well, amazing (I think). And it's a video podcast, and it's free. No reason not to try it! I'm also thinking about Tai Chi and/or another form of martial art. I think they're graceful, powerful, and totally amazing. Not to mention a good workout. Anybody have any suggestions?

The Maverick Brewfest was yesterday! I *heart* brewfests. The Maverick brewfest is a supporter of youth athletics here, so the money goes to a good cause. Drink for the kids! :D The last one I went to a few weeks ago was in support of a free bus that travels up and down the mountain giving snow sport enthusiasts transportation as well as anyone who needs it. I'm all about supporting the local businesses. And I'm EXTRA all about it when my part is to drink beer. I've really been in a recycle/support/orgainc mode lately, not quite sure what made that kick in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to give up society and go live in a lean-to in the woods eating mushrooms that grow on my roof or anything (for one, I hate mushrooms). But I've suddenly become really hyper-aware of things. I guess that's not too bad though. :)

Um... man I had a walking adventure the other night, but I'm pooped out after this post so I'll probs post it tomorrow along with my excersions from today as well (I'm a busy girl for not having a job, I tell ya). Later gators! :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedding Madness and Bigfork Edition #2

Alrighty! So. The wedding. Let me just say that I was really pleasantly surprised with the whole outcome. Moe (short for Monique...we all call her Moe) has been one of best friends since high school, so it was super exciting to see her finally SO happy and getting married. This ceremony was really just a formality though, she and her hubby were actually officially married by the JOP in March, which means that her wedding really marked their 6-month anniversary of being married. I was a bridesmaid for her, and our other best friend Allison was maid of honor. (You can check out Al's blogs here and here if you'd like.) Myself and the other two bridesmaids where in burgandy and Al was in sage green. Our dresses were actually pretty cute. Floor-length formal dresses with a scoop neck, and same-color embrodery of roses that started at the left shoulder and wrapped around to the right thigh. (I have pictures...I do. But I lost my camera cord again so they are hopelessly trapped on my camera for the moment. Sad panda.)
Moe decided that she wanted the ceremony by Canyon Ferry Lake at the campground - on Labor Day weekend. She also wanted to have 200 guests, have them bring sides for a potluck, and have a big poofy traditional gown. Al and I were skeptical. We asked about weather, a backup plan, dresses getting dirty, places to put so many people and all their side dishes. We were always supportive, we just wanted to make sure she had thought things through. She definitely had a plan. There were tents set up and chairs and tables for all the guests, the aisle (shortest on the planet I think!) went between them and we all stood on the ledge looking over the lake for the ceremony. As it turns out, she had about 50 guests and only a handful of salads, which was good! Plenty of room for the guests and their food. The weather? For the ceremony (also the shortest ever I think. Maybs 20 minutes? Probs 15. So fast.) the weather was perfect. Sunny, a slight breeze, not too hot but not chilly. Gorgeous lighting. Yes. Good. We got through the ceremony, finished the receiving line, and did all the photos. All the guests were eating and the wedding party was just getting our food when...the clouds came. And the wind. And the rain. It was instantaneous. At first we igored it, mostly protected by the tent and it's sides it wasn't really a bother. A couple minutes in the wind got to be too much and we had to take the smaller of the two tents down so it wouldn't blow away. Now it's blowing dust and rain at a healthy speed while all of us - wedding party, bride, guests - are trying to reorganize. We took down everything and moved everything into the building that she had also rented. It had two closed sides and two open, and a roof of course, so everything was perfectly fine in there. Of course as quickly as it had come in the storm blew over, and of course it finished up right as we got everything packed away. It was a very pleasant evening after that though. The sun came out again and the wind died down and we just milled around and enjoyed the food and company. Al and I spent the rest of the evening drinking our very large drinks that we made in glasses we found earlier that day. So after the toasts, this is what my evening looked like (courtesy of my cell phone camera):

For the record, this is not a perspective shot. My face is right behind my glass. It's really that big, lol. Also for the record, yes they were full, yes I drank the whole thing, and yes I felt TOTALLY FINE the next day. :D
All in all, the wedding was a success. Cheers!

Alrighty! Bigfork Edition #2:
Christmas in July

One of the traditions at the Bigfork summer playhouse is Christmas in July. It's awesome. We all pick a Secret Santa and get a little gift for them. It's usually something funny, like with an inside joke from the summer so far, or just something random and entertaining. We also preface our party with Christmas caroling the night before in Big Green, the playhouse's giant green WWII truck. It's got a big green cab and a huge wood planked bed in the back that fits all 30 of us comfortably. It's main purpose in life at the playhouse is to haul scenery from the shop to the theatre, but he comes out for some other special occasions too, and Christmas is definiately one. So we all pile in after our evening show, and spend an hour or so driving around Bigfork and singing our little hearts out for the town. Good times. :) The next day (which is always Sunday), we have a matinee, and right after that's over we head up to The Big House (the owners' house) to go sit on the lawn, eat food, and pile our presents under the huge pine tree and wait for Santa. Santa usually shows up after we've had a sufficient amount of time to get plenty of food and drink in our bellies, and then makes his grand entrance on a tractor. He'll pick a present from under the tree, call out the name on the gift, then that person will go sit on Santa's lap, open their gift, and try to guess who gave it to them. I have to tell you, I really think I got the best deal this year. So Santa pulls out this giant piece of cardboard that was part of what we painted for the yellow brick road fro the Wiz, and calls me up. It says: "Lauren! Ye gift lies buried where Cash parks the Black Pearl. X marks the spot! Good luck!" So I trot off to go find my gift. I will take this oprotunity to say that I'm a HUGE pirate nerd, so this is awesome to me. I get to the truck (aka the Black Pearl. This truck is a monster folks. You'd have to see it to believe it lol.) and I start looking around. Then I see a stake with an X on it stuck in the ground nearby. I actually had to dig it up! Awesome! And when I dig it up finally it's wrapped in brown paper and chains! So I trot up with my buried box of goodies and go back to Santa. I'm opening it up and it's full of a bunch of random things: a turkey baster, a Wonderbread sandwhich container, some lotion, some soap, and a cute pair of little pink sunglasses that I'm pretty sure Alexis' son has a similar pair of lol!

But the best part was the TWO build your own pirate ship kits! One was a Crayola model magic one with clay, and the other was a Lego set! I was beyond excited. And to top it off when I guess Cash (yes, that is his real name), he runs up to me and plows me over with a hug! Best Christmas (in July) ever!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What a Crazy Day

So one of my best friends from high school got married yesterday. It actually turned out better than I had expected! (No offense Moe! Love ya!) Tomorrow I'm heading off to Missoula for a little while, and I'm going to try to just get settled for a bit. I'll do a big post on the wedding shinanegans tomorrow when I have less to think about. And I have another Bigfork story as well. So a good post real soon. Promise. With cherries on top. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

So I'm on the old cell phone this evening. Getting ready for a crazy day tomorrow. My high school friend is getting married. You can bet there'll be pics later!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am excited today because...

...of a couple things.

First, a really small but exciting tidbit: I now have 10 followers! Yeah! Thanks guys! You all make me feel loved. :)

Secondly, while I was reading the latest post over at Hot Piece of Sass, (ya'll should really go check her out!) I was instructed/redirected to an awesome website called Operation NICE. The whole goal of this site is to spread the love, basically.

Anyway, after reading posts for about an hour and getting sidetracked to all sorts of different, positive sites, I'm totally inspired! And you should be too. There really isn't enough NICE in the world, and acts of kindness are not only beneficial for the recipient, but for you as well. When's the last time you did something kind for someone and then felt like crap afterwards? Never, that's when! So go get inspired and do something nice for someone today! (And I would, of course, love to hear about it! I'm a sucker for a sweet story.)