Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yar! It be a Good Day!

Avast ye mateys! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! This scurvvy rat is hopin' ye celebrated in true pirate fashion. And it also be me 100th post! Happy Blogoverssiary to meh!

Me an' the crew had a fest this evenin'. Had a fresh catch o' fish tacos (see me previous post for recipe an' portraits to tempt ye), an' a upside down cake worth walkin' the plank for. Dinn't do much pluderin' otherwise, just lazin' around the deck drinkin' some grog.

Hope you matey's had a bountiful day, an' if'n you celebrated pirate day, do send me a parrot tellin' of your adventures! Argh! P.) (<---pirate smiley)

1 comment:

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Argh matey you crack me up girlie! Love it and you so much! :) Hope you're having a wonderful day!