Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Favorite Bum :)

Well folks, guess what I did today? *Jeopardy waiting music plays* I talked with the gal from the Art Institute again today and applied for school! And I talked with a guy from financial aid too, and I have to fill out my FAFSA over the weekend for our phone date on Monday. And now I have an admissions essay to write, a transcript to get, and two letters of recommendation to ask for. What? Stuff to DO? Crazy! I'm totally excited though. Excited and scared to death. Turns out pursuing your life dream is a little more butterfly-inducing that I expected, lol. Should be fun though, the people are super helpful, and the program sounds perfect. And I might actually start online classes in January to get myself going. YES! And I can be done in two years. YES! This could be great folks. :)

Speaking of great, I'm really enjoying this book that a friend gave to me for my birthday this year.

I'd never read Tom Robbins before, I like his style. It's very sort of random, like myself, and I really enjoy that. I'm about a third of the way through right now, so I'll give you a full report once I'm done. :)

I suppose you're wondering why this post is titled "My Favorite Bum." Well, I'll tell you. So this is completely random. While I was driving home today I somehow got to thinking about a fellow I met once in Vegas. I will preface this by saying that of all the bums I've ever met, Vegas has some of the nicest, and this guy in particular, was exceptional. I was going to a hotel a little off the Strip to go pick up a friend of mine who had just flown into town. I have also, recently bought a new car (against my will, but that's a different story) and thus, it is very clean (cars actually don't get dirty in Vegas. So weird). I parked in front of the hotel, got out of my car, and this fellow approaches me. I've been approached by bums (I really wish there was a better word, it sounds so awful when I say it :( ) plenty of times before this, so I'm not really shocked. This guy though, is different. For someone who is clearly down on his luck, he is very put together. His ragged clothes were clean, he stood up proud, and had a little belt of window washing tools around his waist and a pocket full of clean rags. He comes up to me and says, "Hello Miss. Would you mind if I washed your windows for some change?" I looked at my car, with it's pretty clean windows, and looked at the man. He happened to catch me on a rare occasion when I actually had cash, and I usually give to folks who ask politely, cause hey, who am I to judge? I dug in my purse and pulled out my last $5 bill, handed it to him, smiled and said, "My car is pretty new and not really dirty, but you are welcome to this anyway." He looked at for a minute, stood up a little straighter, and before he took it he said, "I really appreciate that Miss, but if it's all the same to you, I'd like to work for my money." I was shocked. In the best possible way. I said, "Of course! I admire that Sir, go right ahead. Thank you so much!" He then took my money, nodded and said, "Thank you, Miss," and proceeded to wash my windows. My friend had met me in the parking lot while all this was going on, and we had to wait for him to finish, but he did a great job. I told him thank you again before he left, and he smiled at me and walked away. This man - who is washing strangers windows for whatever change they will give him - this man is one of the most polite, appreciative, kind folks I've ever met. He has more grace and manners than people a thousand times better off than he, and doesn't seem to moan and whine over his situation. Clearly, he influenced me, because this instance has stuck with me. We should all be so appreciative and polite. I hope that wherever he is, he is well and happy. :)


Sarah said...

What an amazing story - most the people you meet who have money arn't that polite, will have to look into that book - sounds like a good one! I'm just popping in from SITS to wish you a wonderful day!

Lani said...

Stopping by from SITS- good luck with art school- that is AWESOME:)

I'm having a Blog For A Cure Blog Party next week at, hope you'll stop by!

Holly said...

Just dropping in from SITS.

Congrats on Art School!

MaryRC said...

CONGRATS ON SCHOOL! its great to turn new leaves in life. i had no idea VEGAS is home to a dignified person of the streets like that. being that i live here, ive never ever experienced such. oh and can you tell me which neighborhood it is that your car doesnt get dirty in? its clearly not mine.. dust dust dust..

thanks for dropping by my blog via sits (Shaking the Tree)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok first off Yeah on school, I'm so excited for you and your new journey!

What a wonderful and touching story my dear. Your right just what I needed after my post today.

Oh and you know my love of books, I'll add this to my list maybe they have it on audio :)

muah girlie :)

Two Normal Moms said...

Wow, nice story! And congrats about art school - sounds awesome!
Visiting from SITS!

love lives in the kitchen said...

hi! stopping by from sits. nice blog! have a great day!

The Redhead Riter said...

It is amazing at the "who" or "what" that affects our lives and make a huge impact on us. I can't stand whining all the time by people who have so, possessions, family. Whining just isn't my thing. Thanks for the story.

kel said...

Good luck with art school!! that is awesome! I am so jealous!

Scary Mommy said...

There is a homeless man I see every now and then who has the warmest eyes and is so polite. I always wonder what his story is. :(

And, yes, congrats on school!!