Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Writer's Workshop

For today I thought I would attempt the Writer's Workshop that is hosted every week by the lovely Mama Kat. The prompt(s) I chose to write about today are:
Your Fall favorites
If you could only focus on three things in life and pursue them fully, leaving everything else, what would they be and why?

Three things I'd like to pursue huh? In the grand scheme of life, I want love, happiness, and friendship. I mean, who doesn't really? To be more specific, I'd like to be able to focus on my crafts, work as an animator at Pixar, and be able to travel. I have always wanted to be an animator, ever since I saw The Little Mermaid when I was like 6. It's actually a dream I'm going to try to pursue now, in the very near future I hope! I love to travel. I love visiting friends who live elsewhere, and experiencing all that a new place has to offer (i.e. food! ...and other things too. but man I love food). I've always been a creative kid. Even now, the degree I have is an art degree. I love making things and sending them to folks to brighten their day. I'm trying right now to get into doing more things for myself (scrapbook) but it's hard because I don't really have the money to put into it at the moment. I would really love to not worry about having the money and just be able to focus on making crafts. Scrapbooks, ATCs, t-shirts, you name it. I just like to create and I'd love to have the freedom to just DO without having to worry about cost.

My Fall favorites:
Sweaters! Jackets! Hoodies! Scarves! Boots! ... I adore fall clothing.
Halloween. It's my second fave holiday. Dressing up is the BEST!
Leaves turning pretty.
The smell. Ya'll think I'm crazy. Fall smells different than the other seasons, if you pay attention you can tell.
The cooler temperature. Not too cold yet, but not so hot anymore.
Pumpkins. Not only for carving, but toasting the seeds, making soup, and don't forget the pie!
Thanksgiving. Cause hello? A holiday devoted to eating and saying thank you? How could I not be behind that?
Oktoberfest. Beer. Yup. :)

Oh, I know there's more. I love Fall. I'm also quite tired at the moment so I'm not thinking as clearly as I should be. But that's a decent start at a list. :) Anywho, I'm off to bed! Lator gators!


junebug said...

Pixar would be an awesome place to work - I think.
Sweaters! I knew I forgot something on my list. I love fall clothing.
It's funny but two of my three things are the same as yours. Traveling and food are the best. It is how I discovered my love for mushy peas on an island in Scotland.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the smell of fall too. I think it is gorgeous! So fabulous. The days make me catch my breath!

How cool that you would love to be an animator. I hope your dream comes true one day! My son LOVES the Little Mermaid. It is his favorite movie.

Loni said...

I have so many of the same fall favorites, I love it! Great post.

Mama Kat said...

I love hoodies in fall!! The most comfy clothing ever!