Friday, August 28, 2009

Bigfork Edition #1

Things that will only be funny to us: Thank you bunting!

For those of you not familiar with theatrical manners, "thank you" is said as a general response to information given to a group - a confirmation that an individual has heard what was said. For example, if someone is bringing in a drop, that person would say, "Drop coming in!" and those on stage would respond, "Thank you drop!" to confirm that they know what is going on and to watch out above their heads. Or before a show a call of, "Places!" gets a response of "Thank you places!" You get the idea.

As a preface, for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, there is bunting that needed to go on for a particular scene, and then be removed at the end of the scene. It was always remembered to be brought on, but three times in a row was forgotten getting taken off. On opening night one of the technicians was walking through the green room on their way backstage and said, "Ok ya'll remember your bunting!" Which then got a "Thank you bunting!" from one of our actors. It might have just been the tone in which it was said, but a handful of us found it to be incredibly amusing and began using it periodically throughout the summer.

Also on the "thank you" note, there was another funny instance. Again as a preface, our technical director's wife is expecting a baby and every week he would update us on the size of the baby in reference to a fruit or vegetable. Once he left for the summer we would continue to get email updates on the baby's progress. (Cute right? I know. I thought so too.) Well I had received my email update on my phone before a show one evening and announced to the green room that the baby was the size of a head of cabbage this week. One of the actors called upstairs to impart the news, and when he said "Baby Simon is the size of a head of cabbage!" the response he got was, "Awwww! Thank you head of cabbage!" Priceless.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack......

Wow. So, I officially suck at multitasking my life. I thought I'd have time to update in Bigfork, but as it turns out I was either a) busy working, b) busy having fun, c) lazy, or d) sleeping. I suck ya'll, I'm sorry. I did have a spectacular summer though, it was just the therapy I needed after that roller coaster ride of a winter. I'll give a brief overview of where I stand at the moment.

* I returned home Monday evening after many tears, hugs, and goodbyes from my Bigfork family.

* On my way home I stopped in Missoula to look at a basement that I was considering renting. Looked and...SOLD! I now have a living space in a nice house, downstairs, with three bedrooms, a rec room, and a bathroom all to myself.

* I've spent my first day home doing NOTHING and it was awesome. Yesterday, I ran around with my friend who's getting married next weekend buying wedding stuff. Today, I did laundry.

* Tomorrow I'll be heading up to Whitefish to spend some time with my friend up there. On the way I'm making a pitstop in Missoula to have lunch with a friend. Also while I'm in Whitefish, I'll head to Bigfork and paint a sign for the Children's Theatre, since I didn't get a chance to before I left.

* In the midst of all that I have a job interview for a new job at the hospital, which I will hopefully get and be starting soon. Yay money!

* On the way back home I'll be bringing my friend with me and dropping her off in Missoula for her job that's starting up again. I'll make it back home just in time to pick up my bridesmaids dress for the wedding that weekend.

* Wedding will hit in full force. This is gonna be a doozy folks. Details later.

* Day after wedding I'll be heading back to Missoula to stay, finally, and move in and just be settled again. LOVELY!

I'm SO excited to have those spare rooms to myself.... mainly because I can finally have a craft room! YES! *does dance of joy and craftiness* I just bought a bunch of stuff to make a scrapbook for my summer, and I'm going through all the photos to pick the ones I want in it. There's a ton. But I'm actually going to make the book itself too, which I'm really stoked about. Should be awesome.

I'll try to ease back into doing little updates, and as I remember them I'll post stories and photos from the summer. :) Thanks for baring with me, those of you who did! I'm sorry I'm a horrible person.

Oh, and apparently Blogger hates me, because I logged in only to find my blog roll gone. GONE. This is the second time that's happened to me, and I'm sad. Maybe if I say a little prayer and come back tomorrow everyone will be there, like nothing ever happened. Hey, it worked last time! :D