Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week One

Wow guys.  What a crazy week!  I feel like we've been here for months already and it's just day 7.  I'm not sure we were even that productive this week, which kinda scares me a little.  We put up two shows in two weeks and we've only completed one drop.  What that really means is that we have two shows worth of scenery to get built and painted in the next week so we're ready to start techs the week after.  Not gonna lie, I panicked a bit this morning when we discussed it in company meeting.  It's really not like we're slacking either...there's just been a lot of running around that had to get done, and we can't paint anything until the shop builds it, so you know, there is that.  We should be in pretty good shape though.
That's the drop we finished today.  I like it.  Very art nouveau.  Also, just so you can have some perspective, that's 15 feet tall by 44 feet long.  Yup.
Also, since we're a part of the Playhouse, we get a ridiculous deal on memberships at the local gym.  And let me tell you, this gym is FAN-cy.  So today during our lunch break I went over and signed up.  The cool thing too is that you can just go month by month, so there's no pressure to buy more time than we'll be here.  I have 6 weeks to get my Project Runway dress zipped up.  And I'm not going to try it on until two days before I plan to wear it.  This way if I need to make any alterations or alternate dress arrangements I have some time.  In a perfect world I'll put it on and zip it right up and it'll fit just right.  I have to quit making excuses like "I don't have time" or "I'm tired" or "Well I'll go out today, and just start tomorrow."  NO!  No no no.  I've been so distracted by all these wonderful friends and just being so happy that I've kinda lost my focus.  I mean don't get me wrong, I am definitely all about being happy, but I will be happier if I continue to lose weight and become the healthy person I want to be.  Focus.  Must, focus.
Also incredibly noteworthy, on Thursday I went to see the Barenaked Ladies in concert!  HECK YEAH!  I had bought the ticket in February, and got the go ahead for the evening off the day after.  I was way prepared and totally wasn't going to miss it!  OMG, it was awesome.  It's right up there with my favorite life moments.  They are truly amazing and talented musicians, and I just couldn't help but be overwhelmingly happy the entire time.  I actually considered not going, I'm still fighting off a bit of a cold, and I was thinking I should just stay and work, but at the last second I was like, "Nope, you're going.  Because you'll totally regret it if you don't."  And you know what?  I was right.  I'm so happy and thankful I had the chance to go.  I bought my boss a shirt as a thank you gift for letting me go.  :)  And on a complete fluke, I wound up texting with one of my friend's girlfriends during the set break, and she told me they were his favorite band ever and asked if I would buy him a shirt as well.  So of course I said I would!  As it turns out, he was ecstatic and said it was his very first band shirt, so I was totally a winner on that one and got Awesome Friend points.  :D
I'm going to try to get a mingle up this week too, so hopefully I'll have tomorrow for ya.  But this is just a snippet of what my first week has been like.  Many more adventures to come!  Stay tuned!

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Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hi Flo! I am so happy things are going well for you - I've been enjoying the photos you've been posting on Facebook. It looks like hard work, but fun work. The backdrop in this post is gorgeous! It's a good thing I'm not helping - I am not artistic in the least : (

Hope you get a chance to mingle!