Friday, May 7, 2010

Panic Mode!

But in a totally good way.  I'm getting ready to pack up and head out for the summer and I'm SO EXCITED.  We have the same work schedule every day the whole time I'm there, and I'm planning to set aside bloggy time so I can tell you guys all about our crazy adventures.  Because you can bet there will be lots of those.  It's pretty much a crazy ride from day one right up until we all leave!
And bonus, the title of my blog will actually make sense for a change, since I'll actually be doing theatre work.  Woot!  Being the scenic artist for a playhouse is an awesome job, so there will also be lots and lots of pictures of me and various others in paint-covered clothing dancing around the shop with rollers and brushes.  :)
But before all the fun can start, I have to actually get there.  And I am NOT ready.  Well, mentally I'm totally ready.  Mentally I think I was there a month ago.  Physically though I'm absolutely scattered.  I've got clothes in piles that need washing, forests-worth of papers in bags, and about 572384734958732 things to do before Monday.
In addition to that my eating pattern this week has been really screwed up.  So about now I'm feeling like the Michelin Man about now.
Cause you know, my biceps look like a pair of tires.  Amazing what a week of haphazard eating will do to you when you've been so careful for so long.  I'm a little disappointed because NOW is when I wanted to feel my best.  But I know this feeling will be gone soon and I'll be right back with it, and I have to be positive.
Alright!  So, first step, climb the mountain of clothing in my bedroom.  Then, tackle The Hill.  Whooo!

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