Saturday, January 31, 2009

Food! Lovely food.

Hullloooooo! :) Big news of today: I went grocery shopping! Oh yes my friends. I now have food. I can eat green things instead of pasta, how exciting. I actually think that's had a lot to do with all of my moodiness as well, I haven't really had the best of diets as of late. I started taking my vitamins again a couple days ago too, just to help out where my foodstuffs lack. You know what I'm most excited about though? Brussels sprouts. I love Brussels sprouts. Now, I did not know this until I had the sprouts that Jim made for us right before tour...but after that, it was all over. Yes I know, I get more nerdy by the day. I'm totally ok with that though.

I don't really have a whole lot to say, that's pretty much been my day today. And let me tell you, the grilled cheese, tomato, and ham sandwich I had for dinner followed by scratch-made chocolate pudding... well, it was pretty much heaven. :) Until next time!

This just cracked me up. First it was the color that grabbed me...but really folks... take a look at that BIKE. It's a little one too... like kid sized. Whatever kid is riding that bike is really pimpin'.... lol.

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