Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alrighty....not so much talk today. But I did get some great photos out of it all! And those are worth a 1,000 words a piece, right? ;)

Street performs on Freemont. The Something Triplets...I forget. :)

This is Vegas Vic. Looks like someone punched his lights out! GET IT? Punched his lights out?! *cracks up at own joke* Ah...I kill me....

Me high-fivin' Lord Vader! Oh yeah, we're tight.

And who could ask for more than TWO John Waynes???

And...of course.... I had to. It's a personal mission now.

Pre-show of Tournament of Kings. This was actually really good. Food and everything. Nothing like ripping apart a game hen with your bare hands! ARG! :D


Moe and I in front of the sign. I this is also a new mission...collection of photos with friends who come visit. So all ya'll that came before and we didn't do this...sorry. You're gonna have to come back.


I just realized that almost all those pictures are of me. Wow. Sorry guys lol. Let me just take that moment of vanity and run with it... next time, less me more stuff. :)

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