Saturday, January 3, 2009

Learn somethin' new every day

Well. Today has been a stellar day. And I mean that sincerely. So far today I:

- rolled out of bed at noon
- cleaned off my kitchen table... hey, I forgot a HAD a table!
- found the greatest news heading in the newspaper on my table, pictures to follow
- forged ahead in my kitchen cleaning...which was kinda narsty. not even nasty, NARSTY. let it be known that I have now reached in with my hand and unschmutzed the drain in my dishwasher that is constantly plugged. It. Is. Gross. Personal achievement there, I can clean my own drains lol.
- have done two loads of laundry and now have a giant pile of - at least - clean clothes
- have taken out the garbage from said cleaning excursions. and no, I will not tell you how many bags it was.
- finished my "commissioned" $25 cat picture for delivery tomorrow. Picture and explanation below.
-have done all of the above and still haven't gotten out of my pajamas. Oh yes. Be jealous.

I feel like I've gotten more done today than I have in weeks and I haven't even left the house. Aside from the trip to the dumpster, which is not far. I wish all days were like that, lol. I also found a blog this morning called Maybe If You Just Relax that actually had me laughing out loud. It's written by a girl (Jen), and she and her husband have been trying very hard to get and remain pregnant, and she's pretty much the cutest thing ever. Just go read the first few posts, you'll see what I mean. I have admittedly become an avid blog follower... and I'm not quite sure how it happened. But there are some real gems out there, and anything that holds my attention and makes me laugh is worth my time. Check out the others under "Blogs I Follow"... Cake Wrecks also being particularly amusing.

So, this commissioned picture. I make it sound fancy, it's really not. This lovely woman came in to Michael's wanting basically a 1/2" mat, which we can't do, and I told her so. She had super glued a cut-out cat picture from a greeting card off center on a metal...ahem...frame. I would call it more of a bookend, but whatever. I was trying to explain to her how she can make her own at home, and she looked at me and said, "Clearly I've shown I don't have the skill for there anything you can do? What else would you suggest?" So I told her if she didn't mind I'd take it home and make her a mat out of some cardstock as long as she bought the cardstock. She was thrilled. So she went and bought the paper and paid me, personally, $25 to do this for her. I thought she was kidding at first, cause she asked how much I wanted and I told her whatever she thought was reasonable. And I think when she looked at me and said "How about 25?" I gave her the crazy look, lol. I'm thinking, "25 what? Cents? Surely she can't mean dollars? For cutting some cardstock?" But I said ok thank you! and we went about our merry ways. She just came back into town and I'm taking it to work tomorrow for her to pick up. You can see the picture of what she wanted at the bottom of this post. If I can keep getting folks wanting things like this done, and that are willing to pay me to do it, I'd be in business! Literally! But word is spreading. I've actually had two other ladies come and have me help them with various projects, and they both tipped me! Wish that happened every day, it would make my time at work much more worthwhile, lol. But they're very sweet and I always refuse once, but they insisted and if they insist who am I to say no? :)

I'm going to make my final effort this evening getting some ATCs done. I haven't done anything craft-related for about a month, and I'm very sad about that. I really need to sort through all my craft supplies and organize them, but I think that project is a little wilier a task than I want to take on right now. But oh, it will happen. Probably in the three days I have off next week. :)

But anyway, I've actually rambled on forever today... enjoy my bubbliness while it lasts folks! Until tomorrow!

So I learned today that we have a Las Vegas chapter of a Zombie Squad.... I just stopped when I saw the headline and laughed for a good minute. "...while preparing for 'actual disasters'" (To be fair, they do work with the Red Cross and raise money and do volunteer work, all of which I think is totally rad. Rock on Zombie Squad!)

You too can join the "Squad!" For only $15 a year you can live out your zombie dreams and help out some folks!

And look! They have bake sales! I bet the best seller is "Death by Chocolate" :D (Yes, I read that it's at their meeting, but the thought of a zombie bake sale is just too funny.)

This is the little cat photo. The only thing I had to do was cut and adhere that black border. Looks nice though don't it?

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