Thursday, January 15, 2009


Time for round two. Moe and her boyfriend Dennis got in this afternoon and it's pretty much been nonstop since then. They got in, we picked up Le Reve tickets, went to the house, looked up show prices, bought Xtreme Magic Show tickets, went to the Hard Rock for lunch, went to the Tropicana for the show, went to the Wynn for the other show almost back to back, walked around a bit, gambled a bit (me - 0; slot machine -$15), had In-n-Out burger for dinner (third time for me in a more burgers plz!) and came home to pass out. And they just GOT here! Oi. Feels like it's been a week. I'm off tomorrow too, so we're starting early and getting a good start on a lot of the free stuff to do tomorrow. But, here are some pictures from today that I thought I'd post. Man...I'm wiped, lol. Enjoy!

Fountains outside the Wynn. Very jungle-esque.

Totally my new favorite picture. I look skinny! Any picture that makes me look skinny is awesome.

Post show at Le Reve. Love this show. Definitely worth it to come see!

Pretty denim dress at some shop in the Wynn. Just thought it was really cute.

Butterfly ceiling outside the Wynn Theatre.

That's the Paris hot air case you couldn't tell by the big "Paris" air balloon... moving on.

After lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. We look all happy, but we're stuffed to exploding lol.

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