Friday, January 2, 2009

Coffee. It hurts.

Today was pretty ok. I didn't really do anything terribly exciting. Got up and went to work this morning, was met with some crabby customers. One lady thought I was lying about her frame being out of stock because we were having a 50% off sale, and demanded the manager come and write her a note saying if it "miraculously" came back in stock after the sale was over she could still get it. This was after she demanded I call the other Michael's and ask them if they had it, which I had to explain to her we all order from the same company, and she asked me to call two more times anyway, and then when I was putting everything away demanded to know why I would put the out of stock frame back on the wall, even though I had tagged it. *sigh* I did get paid though, which was good. I went and got some coffee after work cause I was tired, and learned that Starbucks has discontinued the coconut flavor, which means I can no longer get my vanilla coconut lattes... don't give me that look, they were delicious. I wound up going home and taking a nap anyway, and I woke up with heartburn and a headache. The heartburn has since gone away, but the headache is being very resistant. It's a good one too...the kind that hurts when you move. What with my nap and all I didn't really get out to get any photos, so you get a creative shot of my house gnome. And also as promised, I'm posting a shot of Snowflake. Here's to a better, headache-free day tomorrow.

This is my new baby. She's pretty cute, and we've gotten to be friends. I'm actually very glad that I went with this one as opposed to the other, which was a two door black Chevy Cobalt with moon roof. Really not my style. This one though, she's my style. And when I first got in and turned on the radio, it was already on my favorite station. I knew at that moment she was trying to be friends.

And here's a shot of my little house gnome. Note the "artsy" subject-in-the-corner angle I've taken. (Photographer's Note: Really "artsy" here means "too lazy and in pain to get off the sofa." Sorry loyal readers.)

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