Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Famous!

Not really. But I did get my submission posted over at Apostrophe Abuse. Yay! :) I'm always on the lookout for random things to take pictures of, and hey, why not send my pictures for submissions on other blogs?

Holy cow, is it really another week already? Seems like it was just Monday not too long ago. This last week was just ridiculous. I loved having the company, but I think I need a vacation now! lol. I'm not going to know how to deal with going back to my normal routine. I'm actually going out this week on my days off and I'm going to try pounding the pavement again for a secondary and/or better paying job. If anyone has suggestions I am totally open to hearing them. I'm also trying to do some small business research and I'm working on writing a business plan. You know, cause I have nothing else to occupy my time. :) I'm going to try to make an attempt to maybe get things rolling there, see what comes of it. Can't hurt!

Anyway, it's getting late and I need to get up and watch the inauguration tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed! Later!


Jess said...

1. I may have to bookmark that blog. I hate apostrophe abuse ;)

2. Have you ever been to You could start a free account there and post your photos. They have contests and such sometimes. They also have it setup where people can order prints of your pictures automatically.

Anyhoo..just thought I'd mention it. Great shots!

Monica said...

Love it, lady! Miss You!