Saturday, November 21, 2009

WTF Friday....late

Geez!  Where have I been?!?  Well, where haven't I been, lol.  I totally forgot about WTF Friday until right this second.  So it's just reeeeaaaaallllly late.  Sorry about that!

So since it was apparently "green week" (at least on NBC...or so the Biggest Loser told me) I present to you this:

....k?  This, again, as an ad I found while I was scouring the interwebs.  All I can picture in my mind is about 100 hamsters on 100 wheels generating a lot of static electricity.  Does this make sense to anyone else, or am I just dumb?  I mean, in all likely hood I'm probably dumb anyway, but seriously.  How does one simply and cheaply make their own electricity?  I kinda wish I'd have clicked the link, just to satiate my curiosity.  Hamsters aside, I also get images of the giant Tesla machine from "The Prestige."  And quite honestly I don't see that as being simple OR cheap.  Clearly I'm lacking in creativity here.  So I ask you, how would YOU make your own electricity?


Kimmy said...

Oh goodness...I have absolutely NO IDEA!!! I just prefer the old fashion way and stick to my PG&E!!

Have a FABulous Sundat! :o)
Stopping in from SITS!

Travis said...

I really don't know what it could be. I clicked on the arrow for some reason thinking that it would give me more, but it gave me a bigger picture. Dang.

adrienzgirl said...

wtf? is right!