Friday, November 27, 2009

A Memo

Dear People with Whom I Share the Road:

I understand we all have crazy days.  I know I do sometimes.  I know that everyone does sometimes.  What I ask though, is that we try our best not to drive like complete idiots.

When I have just passed someone and have not yet slowed (i.e. am speeding) and you pass me in a flurry, I KNOW you are speeding.  And going much too fast.  I am not a slow driver.  When you pass me like I'm standing still and barely make into your lane before you head-on with the car driving in it's own, you make me nervous.  You don't have to drive like a bat out of hell to get where you are going.  I'm sorry if you're running late.  I know what that's like, I get it, I understand.  Please don't be in that much of a hurry.  You'll wind up making all of us VERY late.

For those that do the opposite.  I appreciate that you are a cautious driver.  In fact, I thank you for not driving with such reckless abandon.  However, when you are driving 20 mph slower than the speed limit, I tend to get antsy.  And please, when there are two lanes, the right lane is for you.  You know that sign that says "Slower Traffic Keep Right?"  You are a slower traffic.  Please keep right.  I would like to not feel rude when I have to pass you on the right because you are in the left lane going very slow.  Also, you speedy folks that can't wait two seconds until I get a decent distance away from the car I just passed and go ahead and pass me on the right....SLOW THE CRAP DOWN.  It will not hurt you to wait two seconds for me to pull into the right hand lane.

For people who decide to walk along the highway at night, when it's raining, and wear dark clothes.  I'm sorry, I do not wish to hit you, but you are harder than a polar bear in a snowstorm to see and I really don't want to have vehicular manslaughter on my record thanks.  I especially do not like it when you step INTO THE ROAD to try and hitchhike.  You make me swerve to avoid you and then I look crazy to the on-coming traffic, whom I would also like to avoid hitting.  If you plan to walk along the road at night, please at least wear something white or shiny so I can tell you are there.

Again, I know that sometimes I do not have the best road manners, but I would really appreciate if we could all try to be a little nicer on the road.  Plzkthnx.



Travis said...

Dang. When the hell were you in Oklahoma watchin me drive?

Daffy said...

OH THANK YOU! Its so nice to see someone else post about stupid drivers. It seemed like I was the only one with this problem. And of course all my boy followers (yes, they are boys) would always leave comments saying I was the bad driver.

Sheesh! Can we send this to every local paper in the US to be printed? pretty please?

Crazy Sister said...

I had a day the other week where it seemed that nobody could drive properly except me. And that's saying something, cause sometimes I forget which pedal is which...