Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Writer's Workshop

Alien status:  Mainly subdued.  Reared head this morning for a bit.  Think it's asleep now, am trying not to wake it.  Maybe it was gelato after all.  Would feel ridiculous, but at least not be infested with the swine.

Today I thought I would participate in the Writer's Workshop, hosted by the ever-lovely Mama Kat @ Mama's Losin' It.  Each week she makes a list of prompts to write about, and you can pick one (or more) to answer over at your blog.  Then go back and link up on her page, and go visit other folks!

This week I'm choosing to answer these two prompts:
10 reasons why you can't sleep at night
Write a love letter to the object of your affection

I thought they were good ones. :)  So.  Here we go.

10 Reasons Why Lauren Can't Sleep at Night
1) The vampires might eat her.  (This is one of my biggest fears...vampires.  Really.)
2) She is too busy solving the problems of the world.  (And then forgetting by the time she gets up.)
3) She went to the gym late and is wired from all those endorphins.
4) She had a nap too late in the day.
5) She is, by nature, a night owl.
6) All her friends are night owls too.  (Which happens when you're in the theatre profession.)
7) She waits for SITS to update so she isn't 543927th on roll call.  (sad...but true!)
8) She has a crop that needs harvesting/dish that needs serving on her FB games.
9) She doesn't have a job yet, so why not?
10) She is afraid she might miss Something Important in the 8 hours she would be asleep.

And now, a letter to the object of my affection.  (aka Totally Cheesy, Mushy, Wishful Thinking by Yours Truly):

Dear Charming-Man-I-Have-Not-Yet-Met,
I love you.  I know it might be a little soon to say, considering we don't know each other yet, but I just thought I'd put that out there.  I love your quirky sense of humor.  I love your expressive eyes.  I love that you try your hardest to make me laugh, even when I'm being a total biz-natch.  I love that you love me even when I'm acting like said biz-natch.  I love how even though I am totally self-conscious, you make me feel beautiful when you look at me.  I love how you laugh at my completely cheesy jokes so I don't feel like a moron.  I love how you pay attention to little things I say, and use those details to surprise me later.  I love how considerate you are, of you, me, and everyone else.  I love that you are a total dork.  I love that you have no problem being a total dork with me.  I love that even though you could probably care less, you let me talk on and on about something that matters to me.  I love you for letting me be me.  But most, I love you just for being you.

With much love,
Your Future Girlfriend

Whew...that's enough sentiment for one day.  If you'd like to participate in Writer's Workshop, pop on over to Mama Kat's for a complete list of prompts, and Thursday is link-up day, so have all day to put a post together.  :)  See you guys tomorrow!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok who's the guy? I'm so needing my updated gossip :)

Sleep 8 hours? I didn't know that was such a thing :)

mylifeinpurple said...

Stopping in from Mama Kat's

(#8) I'm pretty sure I am the only person left NOT playing Farmville

You look like the cutest chick ever! Your future Prince Charming won't know what hit him :)

CaJoh said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's

Oh I do agree with number 8— which reminds me I have to serve my latest creation.

Thank you for sharing,

Anonymous said...

SITS as in Single in the Suburbs? B/c if it is, I totally read her too!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Great list and great letter. I hope you find that Mr. Future Guy sometime soon! Oh, and in response to your response, check out the link I gave, the peeps from The Office have a crazy video out. That song is enough to keep you up for hours with it running through your head!

Lora said...

I love the list--it's similar to what keeps ME up at night, minus the vampire bit.

Here's hoping the Future Guy shows up soon--he sounds amazing :0)

Visiting from SITS--have a great day!
(I roll call, select some blogs to comment on, and comment the next day. lol!)