Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Talents Have Been Recognized!

Check that out!  The hilariously awesome Travis @ I Like to Fish gave me this award!  Just as a side note, I loved his post title, which was "I Scribble with My Brain!" and I'm totally jealous that I didn't think of that first.  But he's the one that got it and gave it to me, so I'm really not that jealous.  I always thought this was an awesome award when it saw it on other folks' blogs, and now I have one of my very own.  Whoo!  *looks at it lovingly*  So anyscribble, I'm going to copy and paste the rules from Travis' site verbatim (with just a couple alterations):

I've gotta give it to five of you glorious bastards lovely folks.

I've gotta link the wonderful lady fella that gave it to me!

I've gotta display it on my blog.

I've gotta post the rules on my blog.

and, I've gotta post a naked picture of myself on here as well.

I'm sorry folks. I don't make these rules up.

Actually, I kinda made one of them up. The one about giving it to five people. The rest are true. Scouts honor. 

Alrighty.  Well, even though the "made up" rule is giving it to five folks, I'm still going to, cause hey, why should I hog all the awesome?  I shouldn't.  Exactly.  So I am going to pass it along to:

Yes I realize that's six.  I can count.  Swearz.  I don't think these folks have gotten it yet, and they totally derserve it!  

Well, the rules are up, the award is posted, I linked to Travis (twice, now), I passed it along... guess that only leaves one thing.

Naked picture time!  Yeah.  Enjoy that one.  I think it really shows my inner Leo.

Thanks again Travis!


one sassy girl said...

Ha!! Great nudey shot. And congrats on the accolades - they are well deserved.

Thanks for the award!! Made my morning.

Travis said...

Geez. I never use this word, so forgive me.

But what a hairy pussy.

Nice naked shot!

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks! And your picture cracks me up!!

kanishk said...

congrats on the accolades - they are well deserved. Work from home India

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL freaking love the naked picture ... you're too funny!