Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Think, think, think...

So I've started to commit myself fully to a contingency plan. For those of you that don't know me, this is really not usual. I fly by the seat of my pants always, much to the chagrin of my mother. However, this particular situation I find myself in I think maybe requires some extra planning. Just in case. I'm still not ready to commit to anything until the very last possible second, because you never know what might happen! That said, here's what's going on in my head as of today. I have a lot of feelers out for jobs right now, and a couple set up interviews, so I'm hoping something will come of all that. HOWEVER, if lady luck shuns me (we are not friends, I don't know why) I think I will be heading back to Missoula. My original plan was to go to Billings and live with a friend of mine. This changed for a few reasons. One, I would really feel bad for imposing like that...I hate the fact that I can't stand on my own two feet. I'm trying very, very hard to do so, even though it may not seem like it. The other reason is that he's not really in a position to have me freeloading either. He's actually running an independent office to raise money for the Democratic party in Billings, and their donations are not going as well as had hoped. Unfortunately, that venture might also have close, and that would break my heart because he's trying as hard as I am (more so, even) to keep the office running. So if any of you would like to support the Montana Dems...I know where you can make donations! ;) But I'm not here to sell you on anything, so back to business. I've decided that Missoula would be best for me for a couple reasons. Let me preface by saying that after all this mess I've realized (which I'm sure I knew all along, I was just taking it for granted) that really all I want out of life is to be happy and self sufficient. I don't care what I do, I don't care where I am. I want to make enough money to live comfortably and not have to make the choice between paying the gas bill or buying groceries. I want to be around people who love me. I want to be somewhere I enjoy. I want to have fun with what I do everyday. Missoula, for me, houses most of this. I have very dear friends there, I adore the town, and even keeping the same job I have I would at least enjoy myself, and also have the opportunity to work some with other folks I know doing small shows around town. I called the Michael's in Missoula and they - conveniently - have an opening coming up right around the time I would need to be moving. I feel like this is almost a sign. And I'm a big proponent of signs. Don't ignore! They are there for a reason. Anywho, so there's that. I could get a job transfer. My friend Jenni (*waves* Hi Jenni! ;D ) told me about this really cool low income houses that are popping up all over Missoula. Best part? They're built super-green! If you get the urge, go check out the organization at their website: HomeWORD. Seriously cool. They're nicer than the place I'm living in now (which is nice! I'm a house snob...I admit.) and they're LOW INCOME. And GREEN. I'd move back just to live in them lol. So bonus on that. I downloaded some rental applications and I'm going to try to get rolling while I wait on getting my big break here in Vegas, 'cause this not being my first housing rodeo, I know that it can take forever to get applications processed. I have to say that today, I'm almost excited about the fact I might move home, but there's no doubt I would miss Vegas. I can always come back though. ;)

So, in case you weren't aware, I'm a total foodie. And can I just tell ya'll how much I LOVE Top Chef? Love it! I have to say that this season, Carla has been my favorite from the start.

What up Carla?!? Every time they do the little narrative blips for themselves she always has me laughing. Of course she wanted to be a drama kid at first and then she turned to cooking, and I pointed at the TV and said, "SEE?!? It's not just me!" my empty apartment, lol. She's made it to the Final Four and I'm stoked I have to say. She's just so cute! I hope she wins. Yay Team Carla!

I'm really seriously considering this cooking thing...which is a reason for me to stay here. We have three culinary schools that are a pretty big deal. I just don't know if I'm ready to go back to school. And then there's the cafe idea still....

I'm just on a jabbering streak this evening! I could go on and on and on, but I think I'm going to end here before I bore you all to tears. I do want to say thank you to the lovely ladies that stopped by my blog today to say hello and welcome me to SITS! I'm trying to make the rounds and return the favor. :)

OH! As a side note, ya'll like the new layout? I'm trying to decide if the font is too hard to read on the green or not...but I like it. If you can't read it though it defeats the purpose, lol. So do tell me!


Eudea-Mamia said...

Good luck on your new adventure!! Sounds like you thought it through though - how truly exciting. I miss that stage in life.

And I think the green is great.

Welcome to SiTS! Em

angi_b72 said...

Best of luck to you on your decision making!! Sounds like you knwo what you want...just ahve to go about it the right way! I love the green layout and i can see the words perfectly!!

The Rambler said...

Love Top Chef too! Need to catch up on the season though.

Welcome to SITS. :)

Brandy said...

LOVE Top Chef!!