Saturday, February 7, 2009

It got ugly. Coyote Ugly. ;)

Wow... what a weekend lol. It really wasn't as uber exciting and hyped as that title makes it sound, I promise. I worked mostly, but with Amber here I'd meet her after I was done and we stayed out for a while. On Friday, Amber, Mandy (her sister), her mom, and myself had a brief visit to the Cathouse in the Luxor. We got escorted in, no cover, free drinks. Now, the actual look of the club, totally cool. The people in the club...were clubbers. You know the kind. Tube tops and sequin minis aplenty. As a side note, you know when you watch tv and you see those shows with crazy folks in clubs or on the street and you say to yourself "No one does that!" Yeah, all those folks are here, lol. It's really quite odd. But anyway, so we went, stood around for a few minutes, and left. Check that off the list of things to do. The next night I met them in NYNY, and had run into a fellow who was giving out wristbands to get into club Rok. Mom decided to turn in early and gave me her wristband, so we went and waited in a huge line to get in. After 15 minutes we decided we weren't getting anywhere and headed over to Coyote Ugly, since we had free drink passes for there. On the way across the casino, we ran into another guy handing out VIP passes and he, also, escorted us right in, no cover, no waiting. And I will tell you loyal readers, if you want to go to clubs here, THAT is the way to do it. Ask for an escort. More than likely they will and you look much cooler. It also helps if you're female and are wearing something low cut. Shallow, yes, but it is Vegas after all. Now would be a good time to point out that while Mandy and Amber were all gussied up for going to the show, I showed up in my bright green "Steve Happens" tshirt and blue jeans. Rock on. Did I feel underdressed? Yes. Yes I did. But it doesn't really matter here, so that's good. So we get escorted into Coyote Ugly and we actually had a really good time. We stood around in a clump for the most part, the bar was packed, but the music was good (read: loud), the atmosphere was relaxed, and the crowd was a decent one. Not a tube top or sequin mini in sight. And the Coyotes cracked us up. I would actually go back, and that's saying something, considering I don't really "do" clubs, especially Vegas clubs. So yeah, good evening. I will admit, part of me really wants to dance on the bar (free shot if you do!) and kinda wants to be a Coyote girl. The other part me realizes I'd be the chubbiest Coyote in existence and also that I can NOT dance and reminds me this is a bad idea. If fed enough liquor part number two might go to sleep, but I don't think I'd really like to test that theory. Maybe for my next will be the big 25. Good time to do something stupid lol.

Other than that it's business as usual. I'm still trying to find a magic sum of money to keep me going. I'm still trying to sell framed prints of my photos, so if anyone out there in interweb-land is interested or knows someone who might be, do let me know! Shoot me an email or leave a comment. You could do so even if you didn't want a picture. I love comments. :) Oh, on that note, I would like to point out that I've decided to give SITS a try *points to snazzy banner on sidebar*. It's a community of bloggers who visit and support each other through comments. I would encourage any of you with blogs to go over and check them out! I found them through Maybe If You Just Relax, a blog I love *again points to sidebar link* and would encourage you to go read. Which I believe I did in a previous post. I have to admit, making that step in my blogging is kind of scary... going "public"....I'm not really up to the same caliber as most of the other blogs I read. I'm not eloquent, I ramble on, I whine a lot, and I'm always afraid I'm going to wind up offending someone by accident.... but we shall see. Maybe they will like me too. :)

Rockstar bar. I'd go back. ;)

Oooo....Someone's hardcore! ....and it is NOT me....

Now that really is a great billboard. For any liquor too....

And just to start a collection of me on sofas, there's this. *vanity moment*


sandy said...

Sounds like fun!
I came by to welcome you to SITS! I am sure you are going to love being part of the SITStahood!

Island Girl said...

I've always wanted to go to the Coyote Ugly!

Welcome to SITS! I, too, don't feel my blog is up to the same standard as others, but everyone I've "met" through SITS has been wonderful!

Love the layout too!

greedygrace said...

What a great tip! I love Vegas! My single girlfriend wants to go for a girls weekend this summer... I'm trying to figure out a way to ask my husband so he'll say yes!

Welcome to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend.

Welcome to SITS!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'll go be a coyote girl with you! Sounds like you had a blast!

I moved. Come see me at

Rachael said...

how fun! it sounds like a great trip!

just stopping by to welcome you to SITS, we are so happy you joined!