Monday, February 23, 2009

All Aboard...

...for the Vain Train! Sorry fellow bloggers, I'm having a very self-centered day today. Took some funny pics out on the Strip earlier this evening...

High fiving he clown outside Circus Circus

Crazy hat in a random gift shop. I didn't realize at the time that our faces matched...

A little butt-grabbing outside the Riviera

And my new haircut. Which I LOVE.

So I saw this over at Mama Loco the other day...and when I did it, it was scary accurate. What you do is type in your name and then "needs" in the search bar of Google and see what comes up. Here were my results:

Lauren needs...

- attention. Yes! Yes I's true. I'm spoiled.

- a new home. SO TRUE! I'm going to be moving again here in like...3 weeks! Story about that later.

- a dentist. Omg, yes. I have the Grand Canyon in my right molar. And it hurts.

- your help. I always need help. Especially now! Gonna need help movin!

- to get inspired. Yup. I don't know what to do with myself anymore...I need to figure out something!

They're all so very true, lol. But yeah, thanks for coming along with me on my little ride of vanity for today. My friend and I are packing and getting ready to leave on a road trip home tomorrow, YAY! So I'll update on a couple things later, like the moving bit, this job thing, and life in general.

Oh, and I never found my wallet. Boo. I'm getting everything replaced. Talk about a pain!


Melissa said...

OMG...those pics are hilarious!!! So funny. And thanks for playing the Google search. It was fun!

Joelle said...

haha love the pictures! Cute hair!

Molly said...

You are so brave! You high-fived a clown and survived!

I just heard about that google thing and tried it. You too need a new home? I feel a little better (assuming it was for a pet ad). I have a thing about my name being constantly used for pet or barnyard animals.

Glad you're enjoying the new haircut!

And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Julie said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun! SOrry about the wallet...that sucks.