Thursday, February 5, 2009

The point of ridiculousness

Well guys, I've reached it. The POR. The point of ridiculousness. And I'm actually not helping myself at this moment by attempting a blog entry. Hang on just a moment.

*toodles off*

Well, I've come back hours later and feel much better. My original plan was to take a shower and start a load of laundry and dishes before I came back to finish my entry. However, I had forgotten that my friend Amber was coming into town today! She called me a little while after I had started the laundry and I was like, "OH! That's right! You're in town today!" So I of course then went to google to find her hotel (she's off the Strip just a hair) and was on my way for a day on the town! Her hotel wasn't far off the Strip, so she and her mom and I just walked the rest of the way. We went and did the usual Bellagio/Caesar's routine and then grabbed a pizza on the way back to the hotel at a new pizza place called Avenue A. Delish, in case you wondering. Amber is here for URTA, so she's got auditions tomorrow morning through the afternoon. I work tomorrow from 9 to 3:30, so that works out really well actually. She's going to call when she's done with all her stuff and we'll putter around and take more pictures on the Strip and go non-shopping. I say non-shopping because neither one of us really have the money to go real shopping. It's ok though, because with the right people non-shopping can really be entertaining. :)

Soooo anyway. I was blabbering on about the point of ridiculousness earlier. I don't really remember what I had planned to say about that, but it has gotten a little silly over here. I need to sit down and seriously weigh my options. By sitting on my butt under a blanket and watching tv I'm not accomplishing anything except the epitome of patheticness. I will no longer be pathetic. This is me picking myself up. I have to quit this "oh I'll do it later" business. Cause later is gonna sneak up on me and I'll still have done nothing and then I'll have to throw something together last minute...again. Even with my unplanned adventure this afternoon I still managed to get some dishes and my laundry done, so that's a bonus. We'll see how tomorrow goes, depending on how long we're out tomorrow evening I might try to get the table cleaned off and finish up the kitchen. I am ashamed of the kitchen, to be quite truthful. It's a mess. It's well-used though, and that's a good thing. :)

Oh, and just because I'm me and I'm random, I'm posting my current favorite commercial for your viewing enjoyment. It makes me smile every time I see it for no reason in particular. Also, following are some photos I took today during our travels. :)

Ceiling of Bellagio entryway.

Statue in a fountain outside Caesar's.

The "show" in the Caesar's Place Forum Shops

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