Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh and by the way....

....check out my FREAKING AWESOME MP3 PLAYER! It's a mixtape! That's right 80's children...a mixtape. With SKULLS. And PURPLE. The amount of awesome is overwhelming, I know. *is way too excited over something so little* So in case you wonder about all these songs I talk about, or want some tunes while you're catching up on my *so* exciting posts... it's all right there for you! I'll be adding as I think of songs, there's only a handful on it right now. But yeah...awesome! K. I'm done. Promise. :D

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Joy said...

I miss cassette tapes. I remember trying to record songs onto a cassette from the radio and would get so annoyed when a DJ would cut the song off early or talk over it toward the end!

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