Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things That Crossed My Mind Today

I'm pretty sure that if I were start school over again as a kindergardener, they would say I'm ADD.  I feel like I have at least 50 thoughts a second, which really is pretty impossible to properly separate and give due attention to every thought or idea.  Some things that crossed my mind today....

I never, EVER, want to depend on prescription drugs to sustain me if at all humanly possible.

Why on earth would you wear shorts so short they get eaten my your crotch?  GROSS.

Chocolate dutch mints are delicious....and give me a ridiculous sugar high.

Does it just become an unwritten rule that once you reach a certain age all the standards of society change to how you think they should be?  Cause, um, they don't.  Just sayin.

I wonder if I could reserve an apartment three months early without having to pay rent.

I really need to get some sketching done.'s snowing!

....and now it's 50 degrees, I'll go for a walk.

Why do these numbers not add up?!?!?

Pistol squats are the DEVIL.  And impossible.

Melissa totally needed to be kicked off, yet again.  No one likes a game player.

That's all I can really remember for today.  I know it's kind of a cop-out, but I'm at least trying to exercise my bloggy muscles again, so I think I can get a little credit.  :)  Back atcha tomorrow with more useless drivel!  Have a happy hump day folks!

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