Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore....

If I told you the kind of weather we had last week, you wouldn't believe me.  In fact, I AM going to tell you, and you probably still won't believe me.
Well, it was kinda chilly earlier in the week, but starting to warm up.  I check the weather Thursday morning, see that it's going to be about 60, and go, "Great!  I'll wear my cute new skirt!"  I really should know better by now.
I leave in the morning around 9, get to work, and on my way to the bank an hour later, it's a lovely 57 degrees, as it should be.  A little breezy, but nothing awful.  Yet.
A couple hours later, the sun was still shining, but the wind had picked up.  A LOT.  And around noon...CRASH!  The following picture was taken on my phone from the doorway of the store I work in.
I'm not sure if you can tell, but the entire awning actually BLEW OFF.  It got the little barber shop awning too, over there on the left, and went all the way across.  Craziness!  That's some strong wind.  I believe it was clocked at 53 mph.  But that was not all.
Another two hours pass.  The sun has long since been replaced by ominous dark clouds, and the temp has dropped considerably.  Then, just to top things off, it begins to snow.  Not just any snow, big, wet, heavy snow.  And it snowed like a beast for about....20 minutes.  Then, like nothing had ever happened, the clouds part, the sun comes out, and I'm pretty sure I heard birds chirping somewhere.  
And yet, it still wasn't over.  Before I got home that night at 8, it snowed and melted three more times.
Ahh....Springtime.  You gotta love it.
I just wish I would have worn pants.

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Travis said...

The thing is, wearing a skirt in snow sort of makes you a hero.

Especially if you did it without any goddamn leggings.