Friday, December 4, 2009

WTF Friday

So in my slacker ways, I have neglected to do a WTF Friday post for last week, and am running a day late (and dollar short) for this week as well.  Eh.
Let's see what I have in the ol' wtf bag for today.... *rummaging*
Looks like this is what we're going with.  *drumroll*

Oh, what to say.  I could tell you that this is a murder mystery about a secret sect of nuns who are up to no good.  And that one of their sisters is running dangerously close to finding them out.  And that for 25 cents you can immerse yourself in the tale of twisted fates.
However, I doubt you'd really be interested.
So many things went through my head as I was laughing about this title.  Was it about a nun in the "closet?"  Were the other sisters trying to help her kick the habit? (Sorry, bad pun there, but I had to.)  Was she physically in the closet?  Who put her there?  Was she hiding?  What from?  And WHY ON EARTH would you name your book this if it was a suspense thriller?
Regardless, it does kinda make you do a double take and go, "WTF?"


Travis said...

I'll put a nun in your closet.

That's really all I could come up with.

Right now, you're looking at my blog.

You better like it.

Ed Adams said...

A Nun in the closet?

Is that like the catholic version of "A Bun in the oven?"

adrienzgirl said...

Not really sure why the nuns are "in the closet". The priests are out and proud!




Crazy Sister said...

I want to read it. There aren't enough "hilarious suspense tales" about these days.