Sunday, December 6, 2009

Packin' up, gettin' ready

I realize this is where I would normally have a Monday Mingle post.  Well....I haven't done one yet.  I am about to, I promise.  But I wanted to post a little something until then.  I feel like I've been stressing out too much over my blog lately.  I mean, I am SO happy that I have the followers I do.  Really truly, I love all of ya.  But the reason I started this blog was to just post about my thoughts and whatnot, and I think I've forgotten that.  I suddenly feel pressure to be more entertaining.  And as most folks will tell you, I am more so when I'm not trying.  And if you guys liked reading "back in the day" I shouldn't be so stressed about changing my ways, eh?  :)  Anyshizzle, back to the stuff.

I'm getting ready to leave on a week long road trip with my good friend Jess.  We will be driving to North Carolina, and then I'll be flying home solo.  I'm REALLY excited for the first part.  Really not so much for the second.  I have a lot of layover time, so I'll be doing a lot of reading, making playlists, and puttering on the computer.  Hopefully making some new friends too.  :)

Getting ready for this and thinking about the places we'll be relative to all my friends made me realize how badly I want to go on a road trip of my own.  I mean, like just go without a deadline or destination, stopping in to see all the people I love all over the country.  Seeing friends I haven't seen in ages, or even those I saw last summer, or even meeting those I've only known from online.  I started to think about ways to coordinate meetings of folks along the way...and then I realized that this wasn't my trip, lol.  It is Jess'.  And I am very happy to be sharing in it.

You should look forward to lots of pictures and hopefully entertaining posts for the week!  Which reminds me, where is that dratted camera cord....


adrienzgirl said...

I definitely will look forward to some photos from your trip!

Crazy Sister said...

I'm liking the word "anyshizzle". Think I'll try to use that this week.

Travis said...

YAY! A post!

Yeah, I prolly am the pressuring one.

That's my bad.

Ahem. Less reading and more posts please?

Ed Adams said...

It can become consuming, when it was supposed to be therapy.

Just get back to doing your thing.

And also, post pics from ur trip.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Stopping by from SITS!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Have fun sweetie! My traveling girl!