Monday, December 14, 2009

Letters to the People

I'm totally stealing this idea from Travis, because I like to do it too.  But I'm giving him credit because he actually used it on his blog first. :)  These are just some letters to folks I've run into lately.  Enjoy.

Dear Little Runway Man Who Waved at Me from the Plane:
That really sort of made my day.  I didn’t think anyone would notice.  Thank you!

Dear People Who Are Obnoxiously into Decorating for Christmas:
I have a new appreciation for you now that I have flown closer to Christmas time.  Your homes are absolutely beautiful from the sky.  Keep it up.

Dear Flirtatious Men Across the Country:
I love you.  Thank you for making me feel beautiful.

Dear Airline Attendants that have Helped Me Today:
You guys have been phenomenal.  And hilarious.  It’s really helped out with the rest of the delays and gate mix up messes.  Thank you.

Dear Denver Airport:
Thank you for having a New Belgium Hub Pub.  You. Are. The. BEST.  <3

Dear Little Older Lady at Quizno's:
Thank you for being so cheerful and telling me that I need jalepenos on my sandwich because every woman needs some spice in her life.  Amen sista.  Amen.

Dear Girl That I Ran Into Three Times Because We Were Both Lost and Who Wound Up Sitting Next to Me on Our Flight:
You are a kind spirit.  I wish you much luck in your future teaching career and I hope you got back to Green Bay safe and sound.

Dear Man Who Sat Next to Me Going to Denver:
You helped me feel safe and relaxed on the longest leg of my flight.  Thank you.  I hope you have a restful two days and maybe even a super-speedy next job in NC so you can be home for Christmas.

Dear Man Who Sat Next to Me on Our First Flight:
Thank you for not giving me a strange look when I jumped ten feet because the DING! of the seat belt sign scared me.  Thank you even more for jumping yourself the second time and then laughing and saying that it got you too.  You made me feel like much less of an idiot.  :)


Travis said...

Dear Lauren,

Thank you for giving credit where credit is due, and thank you for mentioning Quizno's, which is awesome!

Glad you made it back safe and sound!

Oh yeah, and fuck Green Bay. That's real.

Ed Adams said...

Dear Lauren,

I am still jealous of and hating you.


Wishing your plane was stranded on a runway for 12 hrs somewhere.

And that they ran out of peanuts.

And that the toilets stopped working.


Jess said...

This is phenomenal :D (spelling?) What a great way to send out some love into the 'Verse.

Daffy said...

"...laughing all the way..."

These are great! What I love most (besides the fact that they made me laugh) was that they are all positive! I can just picture you jumping at the DING. I would've laughed my ass off but we would've be laughing together. Of course by the end of the trip you would've hated me because I'd probably yell DING sporadically the whole time just for the helluv it :O)

XOXO Glad your travels were safe and you felt beautiful! You are!

Brandi said...

Seriously awesome post. Totally made me smile as I'm sitting in the airport right now, just about to board my plane for back east.

LIZZIE said...

What a wonderful positive person you are. You make our lives brighter.

XO, J said...

Dear Lauren...where in Montana are you from? I'm from MT too and I also love Travis. Is he really cool in real life or is he just a big nerd like most guys? :) j/k if you read this Travis - I totally love you...

adrienzgirl said...

You are just a little ray of sunshine aren't you?

I hate flying. Every "ding" makes me nervous! Totally feelin' ya on that!

The Blonde Duck said...

Hooray for making friends on a plane!