Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mingle!

See?  I told you I'd get my mingle up.  :)  Go visit Jen @ EightyMPHmom to see the rest of the awesome mingling peeps.
My hair is a mess and I may be offering redundant was late.  But I'm here!  Whoo!  Password as always, is: misadventure.

Monday Mingle Dec. 7 from Lauren on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

We're the cool kids! I love it!

Your apologizing about mingling without your glasses???? You're so silly, Lauren. :)

Kabokee? Cabookey? How do you spell that? What is it?

Mmmmmm vampires..... I guess doing a little fang gesture around you wouldn't be a great idea, huh?

Ice cream and french fries??? I have to admit I have not tried that yet. Not sure I actually want to though. I'm sure it's wonderful but it just sounds so wrong.

You go girl on the animation!!! I love it! What a wonderful thing to do. I loved the animation tour at Disney. To see how they do things. We collect original animation drawings - we have some from The Lion King, Gargoyles, Totoro, The Secret of Nimh, Nausicaa, The Fox and the Hound... Love them all. Oh and my husband used to work for Film Roman. So learning about how they make the Simpsons, etc was really interesting when he did that. The computer game industry and the animation and movie industry is so closely connected is kind of creepy sometimes. What school are you going to attend?

40 perch? That is a LOT of fish. What the heck do you do with that amount of fish? Fish applesauce? Fish pie? Canned fish? Wow that all sounds pretty gross. It's not often I manage to actually gross myself out. lol

One Cluttered Brain said...

We are the kewl kids....YAHOOO!!!

I love body sprays...They are cool.
Yeah for smelling good.
You have gotten speeding tickets? ohhh....naughty girl...

I like fishing too--I have yet to go ice fishing..that sounds like fun...Do you ever catch anything?

40 perch???!!! wow! WTG! YUM!

Reality shows....biggest loser is ok. I don't really watch that show.

WTG on following your animation dream....
I enjoyed your mingle!!!

Yeah AMer. Idol. i like it too.

Thanks 4 joining! Have fun on vacation!

adrienzgirl said...

One, french fries in ice cream?
Not liking vampires?
I'll forgive you cause you like AI.

Love smelly goods! I am really partial to Calvin Klein fragrances!

Cheryl said...

Ice cream and french fries? I am gonna try that! I am not a fan of Vampires either. Good to know i'm not alone! Happy Monday Mingle! :)

Alex said...

Cool video, nice to meet ya!