Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year, the Same Old Changes

Hello all!
Keeping in the traditions that have gone on so long before me, I am going to set forth some New Years Resolutions.  Upon looking back at my blog from this time last year I realize I didn't actually make any.  Boo me!  I think I was just so wrapped up in being all sad about my situation that I didn't think it would get any better.  *in best emo voice*  "No one understands me...."  ;)
ANYwho, not this year.  This year is a time for some serious changes.  And by that I mean the same basic stuff I try to do every year and fail epically at.  But this time it's gonna happen.  Srsly.

This year I will try to:
Make myself eat better and exercise more.  Like the whole rest of the nation is trying to do again too.  But I have two big goal rewards.  One, a pair of Silvers.  Two, a bikini.  For the first time in my life.  I would really love that.
Actually SAVE my money!  After looking at my finances, I've officially cut myself off of excess spending.  Now, let me just state that in my current Goals of Things to Save For lies a Wii Fit.  I really, *really*, REALLY want one.  So all that other crap I don't need?  Yep.  Not gettin it.  I'm saving for not only a Wii, but an apartment as well.  And yes, that is my number one priority.  ;)
To get back into blogging more regularly.  I was doing so well.  And then...I wasn't.  Sorry ya'll.  But thanks for stickin by me anyway.  :)
On a similar note, try to keep in touch with folks a little more as well.  In this day and age there is really no reason I shouldn't be able to keep in touch with my friends more often.  I'm just a slacker really, is what it comes down to.
Get serious about this craft business I want.  I'm never going to make money at it if I just whine about it. If I made stuff to sell half as often as I whined, I'd be rich by now.  I need to GET ON IT.
Learn to play my guitar.  It is beautiful and cost me a pretty penny.  It needs to not collect dust.  Plus, I want to be a rockstar.

Those are my major New Years goals this year.  I'm off to a good start, hopefully I'll keep it up!


adrienzgirl said...

Wow, look at you and your new digs. Aren't you sporting a look worthy of dusting off that guitar! You go with your Rock Star Self!

If you want some support with the eat healthy and lose weight thing, join us over at Lose It Bitches!

Ed Adams said...

I'm half tempted to send ya our Wii Fit, just so the fucker would actually get some use.

LIZZIE said...

You can do it kiddo. Good resolutions.