Thursday, January 7, 2010


I know, I know.  I've been really boring lately.  Truth is, I'm not much more exciting in Real Life.  Just been working, coming home, eating, and going to bed.  Whoo hoo eh?  Anywho, here's a brief list of my current interests.

Things I am loving right now:
The Tudors
Owl City
My will power this week (I've spent NO MONEY this week!  NONE! :D )
My job transfer prospects
The random phone calls from my far-away friends
The fact I actually picked up my guitar and "played" it (two chords, whoo!)
This video!  The last couple minutes are the cute.  :D

I'm adding Travis and his blog to the "Loving it" list.  Cause he whined at me and needed an ego boost.  But mostly because he's hilarious and you should check him out.  (He said he'd try the standup comic thing when he reached 200 followers, so go show some love and tell him I sent ya!)

Things I am not really loving right now:
Banks in general
How much in debt I am
My hellatious sleeping pattern
The absolutely bitter cold (although the sun is a bonus, and thank you, Sun, for being so bright even when the temperature outside immediately freezes my nosehairs.)
My lack of fitness motivation (yell at me people.  I need it.)

An actual update to come this weekend!  Maybe even a vlog!  Whoo!  :D


Travis said...

I'll be damned if me and my blog aren't on your "Like" list.

Maybe if you spent less time watchin King Henry gettin blow j's, and a little more time stalkin me, that'd change?




Travis said...

Annnnnnnnnnnd now I'm sated.

I only hope you don't have 20 followers that I don't have following me already.


Ed Adams said...

The Tudors? Is that still on?

Owl City rocks!

"I get a 1,000 hugs, from 10,000 lightening bugs!"

Luv IT!

Travis is a Baby in desperate need of a smack bottom.

BugginWord said...

Justin makes me all warm and fuzzy in my happy place. Thanks for sharing that...

Daffy said...

Whoot on the Vlogs! That's rockin. I'm still trying to get the nerve to do one of those. Gotta be creative about it to protect my identity though...

Laughing my ass off at the Travis addendum. What a gal!

Jess said...

Tudors! I still need to get season 2. Kate assures me they fling less sx around and more politics, which is fine by me. Mebey I'll see if Jenn can netflix

As for the cold, well...I promise to mail you your scarf soon. Promise. Remember the Norwegians say there's no bad weather, only bad clothing.