Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday dinner

So today Mom and I went grocery shopping.  We sat down and made out a menu for the week, which is new and will hopefully continue to be a trend.  So today's dish was roasted chicken, carrots, brussels sprouts (for mom and won't touch them), and mashed potatoes.

This is our chicken.  It was given to us by some folks...all home-grown and organic.  Yummy.  It was a fairly simple recipe, which we found here.  It's supposedly a Julia Child recipe.  The reader reviews were really good, but we decided it could be a little more flavorful.  We'll probably try a different one next time.  Though to be fair, it was juicy, and the sauce that you're supposed to make with it did add a lot of flavor.

These are the carrots I made with the sweet rainbow carrots I bought at Pike Place Market.  (Yes, I brought back food.  I am a foodie.  It's what I do.)  The recipe I used was Robert Irvine's vichy carrots, found here, and they were really good.  SO simple.  I had to simmer them a little longer than I thought, but I think that's because I added too much liquid, thus making it take longer to reduce into a sauce.  If you want a quick, easy way to do carrots, I'd totally recommend this.

Here are my Brussels sprouts...and as you can see, I burned them a little this time, lol.  I was concerned, but much to my surprise they were still delicious.  All I did was steam them and then fry them in butter.  And yes, I LOVE these.  Love.  I could eat them every day.  I'm THAT weird kid.

This is my cat....coming to see what all the yummy smells were about....

And she was NOT amused when I offered her a little Brussels sprout.

This I actually made a couple days ago.  It's chocolate and orange gemelli pasta (that I picked up at Pikes as well) with a vanilla creme anglaise (that I made from scratch...yes sir) and bananas and blueberries.  The anglaise was a little thin, but it's pretty tasty!  And super filling.  We still have leftovers.

I feel like there was a lot more I was going to post about today, but I think I'm just going to leave it with the food post and write whatever I was going to write tomorrow.  :)


Tonya said...

Visiting from SITS. Have a nice day.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Look at you go girl! That dinner looks amazing! I so need to do the weekly planning. who know when I'll actually sit down and do that ... :).

Ok the chocolate pasta looks amazing my dear, I don't think I've ever used it before! Look at you go with the scratch :)

It looks wonderful my dear all of it!