Monday, October 12, 2009

Foiled by Columbus

Hello all!
Well, I'm back home after a successful and fun-packed (not just filled...PACKED) weekend in the great city of Seattle. I *promise* I will post pics ASAP, as soon as I get my new baby. And I put promise in little astrix, so you know I mean it. I was going to even wait to update, but I figured I'd just do a short post at least and tell you all that I'm home safe and sound. Because I know how much you care. ;) I probably would have said baby if today wasn't a holiday, but since it was Columbus Day and the postal service has the day off, my new arrival is still sitting in Alaska. (For real, I checked the tracking number. Cause I'm impatient like that.) And really, I'm just too lazy to upload my photos to this pc, then clear them off, and then put them back on a new one. Easier just to wait and do it in one fell swoop, lol. BUT, I will say I have some great photos, and great stories that will be coming very soon, so stay tuned! :D

Oh, and PS - A big thank you to those of you that voted in my poll! That was really super helpful to me. Always good to know what kinds of things people are wanting. :)


Stesha said...

My current laptop is a Sony Vaio, and I must say it has served me well.

Secretly, I'm hoping *Santa* brings me a Mac for Christmas.


Hugs and Mocha,

Fahrenheit 350° said...

Ah, I just moved from Ptown, and miss going to Seattle! I can't wait to see pictures! Stopping by from SITS!

stonebrookcottage said...

Stopping by from SITS. SOOO jealous you went to Seattle. Was it a blast? I have always wanted to go..ever since i seen "sleepless in Seattle" i am destined to go visit that place and take my self to a cite little book store