Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just some blog farts

I feel like there's been a lot I wanted to say and no cohesive way for it all to go together.  That said, as I type this it will probably make NO sense whatsoever, and I'll probably only be able to think of like two of the million things.

First off, I wanted to post this picture for Alexis to show her I'm in the same place with my laundry situation.  Take a gander...

Judge if you want, but I'm going through my entire life right now because I have to pack a lot of it away.  This is how I sort.  Throw it all on the bed, and work your way back down.  *sigh*  Oh for my own place again...

I feel like there's really been a lot of love floating around the blogosphere lately, and it totally makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  I found this sudden influx of emotion really timely, since I also have been feeling extremely thankful for my online friends recently.  I've been kinda down the last week, and seeing all this positive energy going around has been super helpful.  Not really sure what's got me in the dumps lately, but I suspect it's like my friend Jess said, I've had so much happen to me in the last year that I haven't even had time to stop and process it all.  So now I'm "processing," which apparently includes a lot of tears and wanting to sleep.  I don't want to be in this phase very long, so I'm trying to slowly force myself to get out and do things, get at least ONE thing accomplished every day.  And I've been going to the gym the last few days too, which has been a good way to get out all the ickies.  Sweat out the sad!  lol.  That said, I'm SO thankful to have you guys that come through and take the time to read and say hi.  It really means the world.  :)  Just know that I love and appreciate every one of you!  *muah!*

On a slightly related segway...with all that working out I've been doing, I actually lost a pound this week!  I am tickled by this.  Sure, it's just one pound.  But it's a start.  A good start.  I'm excited to not only get my moods back on track, but get my health and body in line too.  I've really been kickin' my own butt at the gym the last couple days, and it feels really good.  It's the dumbest thing ever, but I always picture the Biggest Losers and how hard they push themselves.  I figure if someone almost three times my size can workout for 4 hours a day, I can certainly push myself hard for an hour.  Right?  Right.

Also, when I was in town yesterday, I stopped by to visit one of my friends who works at the newspaper.  They just so happened to have a monstrous overstock of some books, so I grabbed some figuring I could give them away to someone who wants them.  :)  The books are North Dakota Wildlife, Wyoming's Historic Forts,  and The Complete Paddler, which is a kayaking guide for the Missouri river.  I realize they might not be the most exciting books, but I thought someone might like them or want them for a gift.  If you're interested, I have one copy each the wildlife and historic forts books, and two copies of the kayaking book.  I'm just going to do a first come first serve for this one.  If you'd like one, two, or all three of them, just let me know which one(s) you're interested in.  I was also thinking I might stop back in tomorrow and grab some more (they literally had tons), so if there's a large interest I can certainly oblige.  Here are what they look like:

So yeah, just let me know if you'd like them.  :)

I think that's all I got for now... I'm sure as soon as I post this I'll think of five more things.  Anyway, that's all I got for right now, so I'll catch you all later!


Millennium Housewife said...

You should do a give away on SITS! Hope you're having a great Saturday xx
ps word veri is shark, you don't live near the sea do you??

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh lord girl you know no judging here! crap I just made a small dent in those clothes today, before we had to run to a birthday party!

Ahhh bloggy love the things that keep me going ;)

Way to go on the pound!!!! Ok back to Jillian this week it's a mission!