Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Blogroll

I know you have a hard job.  I mean, you keep track of everyone for me and tell me the newest and greatest (or not so greatest) things in their lives.  That's a lot of responsibility.  I get it.  I understand.  I would be nowhere without you.  So please, do not think you are under-appreciated.

That said, I've been noticing you're kinda dropping the ball lately.  Posts that I know for absolute fact were posted at least a day ago are just showing up.  Sometimes, they don't show up at all, and then when I wander over to said person's blog, I find that I'm behind a month's worth of posts.  Or, and this is the one that always scares me the most, you tell me I am not following any blogs at all.  This last stunt usually sends me into a fit, because I am only human and cannot remember the address of all the gazillion blogs that I have on my list.  And woe if I am never to find them again!

Why are you acting out blogroll?  Is it something I've done?  Have I not treated you right?  Ignored you?  I thought I was giving you plenty of attention, checking usually multiple times a day.  Maybe that's it, you think I just take for granted you will always be there?  Please don't think that blogroll.  I count on you to be 100% to make up what I lack in memory so that I can keep up with all my bloggy friends in the world.  When you start being snarky like this and I miss so much it starts to me feel like A Bad Friend because I don't keep up.

All I'm asking is that you step it up a bit.  Just tell me what's the what in a timely manner.  Ok?  I don't think that's so much to ask for.  I mean, that IS your job.  So please, for me, can we just try to stay on top of things a little more?  That would really be much appreciated.

An Addicted Blogger


Kitty said...

Ha! I have totally had conversations like this with elements of my site as well! Do you have a reader, or do you just use the blog roll on your site? Readers are much more accurate. I like Google's version - mostly because there is a handy gadget for my Google desktop. Good luck!

Daffy said...

Great composure... I tend to stomp my foot, whack the keyboard (for which I profusely appologize lest it stop working on me) and shout curses at googleland.

I hate that moment of intense panic those blank lists create.

LOVE LOVE the festive background!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL and Hotmail had a problem and lost a bunch of peoples blogs they have subscribed to blogs.

I say stomp ahead like Daffy ;)

Meg said...

I hate when blogger tells me I'm not following blogs! I get so panicky! Ah!

mub said...

I gave up on blogroll working and just use Google Reader to keep up on things... it's far less drama inducing *L*