Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To do...

It's Wednesday again! And that means more prompts from Mama Kat. I picked a simple one this time. It's "Today I will..."

Today I will...

...get up before ten. I'm a lazy bum and I need to stop it.
...workout in the morning instead of waiting until evening when I'm pooped.
...make some phone calls I've been meaning to for a while.
...start packing. Again. UGH! I don't even know where anything is. *sad face* a book. I bought a couple new ones I'm excited about.
...try to have more patience.
...attempt to find my curling iron. It's been missing and I'm very, very sad. :(
...NOT spend my entire day in front of the TV or computer.
...NOT drive into town again just because I'm bored.
...send out a package that needs to get in the mail.
...finish my little load of laundry.
...pick up my room. American Idol and see who gets kicked off!
...go to bed at a decent hour, instead of 2 a.m.

We'll see how many of those I can cross off the list! I think I deserve a prize if I get through them all, lol. I tend to be easily distracted. ;) What are YOU going to do today?


kel said...

oh gosh... what I wouldn't do to sleep until 10!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

You're too funny girl! I want to come hang out, we can just pretend to do all those ... LOL.

You're too sweet my darlin, not that awesome just a mom ... LOL

Muah! You my dear are awesome!

Kristin said...

Just have kid. That'll get you outta bed before 10. Ah ha! If only I could work out in the morning too!