Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Some Reasons Missoula is Awesome

So I've been in Missoula since Thursday, and every time I come here I remember why I like it so much. I have to say it's been really nice to get away from the house with my folks, I love them and all, but I'm too old to be living there. And believe me when I say that there is nothing to do at home. They live in a very small town, and I've been driving about 1/2 and hour most days to just go do something. It's so nice to be in a place that not only has neat stores to just browse through, but always has events going on.

Just a few things going on this weekend are the Maverick Brewfest, a play and wine tasting, and Saturday starts the beginning of Bike, Walk, Bus Week. BWBW is really awesome because there's a whole booklet of places around town that are doing different specials everyday for people walk, ride their bike, or use the bus to get there. Free coffees and coffee mugs, free carousel rides, raffles for cool prizes, a treasure hunt, and discount New Belgium beer are just some of the great incentives to use alternate transportation. PS, if you don't know of New Belgium Brewing (they make Fat Tire), located in the ever-so-lovely Fort Collins, Colorado, you should go here and check out their website. They're a really eco-friendly brewery and have great employee incentives. We took a tour when I was there and I was totally impressed. They also do a tour called Tour de Fat, where they promote using alternate transportation and give away a New Belgium bike to one lucky winner every stop they make. Proceeds also go to good causes, which is a good reason to go visit them and drink some beer! Even the cups they use are made from corn so they're compostable and produce no real waste. If they're in a city near you I would definitely recommend going.

While I'm on the subject of beer, the Maverick Brewfest is also a charity event. Brewers from all over the state, and a couple out-of-staters, come and set up a giant tent and for $20 you get a bunch of tickets and a keepsake glass to go around and sample all the wonderful micro-brews we have here. Their proceeds also go toward children's charities, so that's a bonus too. And, the Firehouse Ale that's I *think* brewed in Helena (I could be's happened before), sends part of it's proceeds to the Montana Firefighters Association. I like to drink for causes, lol. But really, I think it's really neat of them to do stuff like that. At least my imbibement of alcohol is going toward the greater good, even if it's not mine. ;)

Actually, the reason that I decided to come up this weekend was because a church group that Jenni recently got started was going bowling, and since I was invited I was like YES! Things to do with people! I am so there. :) There were about 7 of us and we had a really good time. I actually won the first game with a 108! Yay! While we were there we even saw a man bowling in a hot dog suit (sorry, I don't have my camera with me this weekend! I suck, I know) which completely cracked me up.

The play that I stayed to see Saturday was also really good. It was actually a staged reading of the musical John and Jen, so cute and sad. One of my friends was putting it on, so I went to support him. :) We met up later for drinks and I also wound up meeting three more of my friends as well. I felt all popular and loved. *basks in the warm fuzzies* I can't wait to move back there again. Or even to start my job. I have a lot of friends that I'll be working with the first half of the summer, and just thinking about it today made me all excited and happy. YAY! I haven't been that excited or happy in a long time. Too long. It's about time the warm fuzzies came around again.

My friend Allison also went to Missoula this weekend, and she was competing in the Woodsman's Competition. I forget if that's the right name or not...sorry! But basically she saws through logs in ridiculous amounts of time. She's pretty amazing. Took second this year by .2 of a second...all because of a giant knot she had to saw through. But she sawed through a 22" log in something like 40 seconds....crazy! With a handsaw, not chainsaw, just so that's clear. She's a buff girlie. :)

So that is mostly the extent of my awesome weekend. I'm really sad I didn't have my camera, that always seems to happen right when I want it too. Ah well. Next time. Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like you're having a fabulous time! I love smaller towns that have all sorts of fun events. It's so much fun!

kel said...

SOunds like an awesome time!!! Kind of puts my weekend excursion to the zoo seem kinda lame.