Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day! Yay!

Today is Earth Day folks! Go hug trees! *frolics about with a daisy crown in fields of flowers* Yeah...I wish, lol. Actually, if there was any picture that is perfect in my mind for Earth Day, it is one of our drama department professors hugging a panda. It is the most adorable picture I've ever seen and it hangs on his office wall. I smile every time I see it, and sometimes I go visit just so I can go look at the panda and giggle on the inside. I wish I had some really exciting news or events that I'm doing for today, but alas, I am lame and have done nothing of note other than eating Chinese food in our state capitol. :) I have a good friend who works there and we had lunch today. I love being able to run around the capitol building for no reason, lol, it's so much fun.

This weeks prompts from Mama Kat are all really good... I might just have to indulge in more than one. We will at least start with this one:
2.) When is it okay not to listen to the words? Explain about a song you really love that has lame lyrcis or lyrics you simply don't understand.

Most of the songs like this for me are more heavy rock songs. There's a couple songs by Buckcherry and a group called Between the Buried and Me that have an awesome rhythm/guitar riff/drum solo that I just love, but the lyrics can be...special. I'm not even going to tell you what they are because I try to keep my blog PG and not offend folks lol. But I really am a sucker for a great guitar riff or good percussion, and sometimes that comes with screamy or offensive lyrics. However, a great band that has RIDICULOUS skills is Dragonforce.
I would also like to point out that I liked Dragonforce before they became more popular due to Guitar Hero. I have a friend who finds obscure bands and liked to play them in shop, so I've discovered a lot of stuff through him (Hi Dan! *waves*). For your viewing and listening pleasure I have included a video of one of my favorite songs of theirs (it is the one from Guitar Hero, and how STOKED was I that they put on my favorite so I could pretend I was awesome too!), it's called Through the Fire and the Flames (no explicit language that I know of, so we're good there! Yay!). I'll tell you now the video is 5 minutes long (most of their songs range from 5 to 10 minutes...I know, right?), and they're kind of reminiscent of a cranked up 80's hair band. So if 80's rock isn't your cup of tea, feel free to skip it. :) Or if you just want to see/hear some amazing guitar, just forward to about 3:00 in the video and watch from there. The whole thing is amazing because they play SO fast and are unaltered (i.e. not sped up post-recording), but if you just want to see what I mean, that's the chunk to watch. I'm pretty ecclectic in my music (you should see my's craziness) so don't think I just sit around and head bang all day, lol! But those are just a couple where the song part overlooks the lyrics part for me.

Hmmm... so I think that's all for today. I have a road trip and stuff tomorrow, so more exciting things to come. Oh, and I got a haircut, so I'll take pics to post too. :) I might even try blogging from my phone! Exciting! Hope everyone has a great day!


Life with Kaishon said...

I haven't heard of those songs but I totally understand what you are saying about liking the music and not really caring about the words!

How fun to see your friend at the state capital. Our state capital in PA is in Harrisburg. I have never been inside.

LOVE the idea of the professor and a Panda. Very sweet : ).

Hope your Earth day was fantastic. How can any day not be fantastic if chinese take out is involved : )

kisatrtle said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. Sometimes I'm surprised to learn what the real words are...LOL

Cherie said...

Interesting topic. It is funny but when you have kids you listen to the words of all the songs they listen to so you can hear what is entering their brain - ha ha.
Some of the music my kids listen to the words are so bad, full of drugs and sex that I have to say "no you can't listen to that".
But then I hear the songs I listened to on the radio when I was a teenager and they are just as bad and I never even noticed.

P.S. My word verification in PSYCHE - true story!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Road trip!!!! Yeah I want to come, I bet you'll be rocking those cute outfits. I'm still waiting on a pic of those amazing red shoes ... LOL, I'm adding to the list the new glasses too :).

Have fun girlie :)

Anonymous said...

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