Sunday, May 18, 2008


So I found my memory stick this was in my computer. *d'oh!* Anyway, I took pictures of the stuff I got from the Scavenger Hunt PIF (pay it forward) I was just recently a part of. The goal here was to give a list of six words and have the person you were trading with find items to go with those words. Mine were: ladybugs, theatre, ivy, travel, cats and quotes.

(Just a PS, I realize now I forgot to take a photo of it, but I also received a ring of ivy with this stuff, which upon discovery I put on my head.)

This was the collective of goodies: In the back there are some ticket stubs and postcards from theatrical events, in the middle are some atc-sized portions of maps and an international postage sticker, and on the bottom is a Japanese "lucky cat" and a matchbox full of quotations.

Here is a closer view of the matchbox and quotations. They're all really excellent ones as well, I enjoyed reading them.

And last but not least, the bag they all came in! How awesome is that? I've been carrying this bag around since I got it, and not a day goes by without someone making a comment about it. When I was apartment hunting in Vegas the girls at the front desk of the places would ask about my bag before even helping me! I think I actually talked 4 people into joining Nervousness because of it. :)

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Bryce and Heidi said...

Hi Lauren, I followed your blog link from Nervousness and was tickled (wow, am I 87 years old?) to see you'd posted a pic of your scavenger hunt package! I'm really glad you liked everything and that the bag came in handy for the Vegas trip (and served as free advertising for N'ness??) :)

Hope all is well!

--Heidi (hydro)