Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things I'm Looking Forward To

Now that I have a job, these are some of the things I'm looking forward to:

*The occasional cup of morning coffee from the roaster down the street.
*NOT having to work on a ever-changing schedule, holidays, or weekends.  F YES.
*Going to have dinner and a beer with friends.
*Sushi.  OMG.
*Joining a gym/fitness club/workout class/something to make me less fat.
*Getting back into crafting.  Which is a surprisingly expensive hobby.
*Getting a desk that I so badly need.
*Having my own desk/cube that is MINE and I can do with what I please. (It's stupid, but cubicles hold a special little place in my heart.)
*Not wondering where the money for my next bill is coming from.
*Another tattoo perhaps.
*Can we insurance?  F YES.
*A professional cut and dye job for my hairs.  Maybe even a mani/pedi, I've never had one of those.
*New contacts.  The ones I have right now are such little troopers....they're about 4 months old.
*New Chucks!  Yeah!  I'm thinking a neon color of high tops.
*Affording to travel occasionally.

There are a lot of other things I'm looking forward to about having a job, but this is just a quick list from the top of my head.  I got the official word today, I start next Wednesday.  I'm currently out of town and I'll get back a couple days before I have to start. don't know how excited I am.  SO so excited.  Finally, something to do with myself during the week.  Finally, I don't have to worry about bills.


Happy Birthday to me!


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