Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Variation of MadLibs

I got this meme from @subWOW on Twitter, her blog can be found here.  And the original link to the text is found here.  It looked really neat, so...without further ado, here is where I'm from.

I am from a ship, from Legos and morning sun.
I am from the South, warm, inviting, and full of sweet tea.
I am from the honeysuckle, the sweet fragrant blossoms.
I am from Scattagories on Christmas Eve and stubbornness, from Mom and Dad and my two siblings.
I am from the leaving ridiculously early and somehow still being behind.
From always say please and thank you, and you are perfect the way you are.
I am from what goes around comes around. Of kindness and acceptance and no judgement.
I'm from Poland, and peirogies and BBQ.
From the traveling cousin who called from Hawaii to surprise us, the random visits, and the many postcards.
I am from photo albums and storage sheds, boxes of things forgotten, but when looked at spark so many memories.  I am from making memories and keeping them safe with me always.

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