Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A renewed spirt...and one lost camera

This has really been a great week. Not for any particular reason, just as a whole. I spent my first couple days in Missoula visiting with folks and looking around for jobs and houses. While I've not solidified either a job or a house, I have some promising prospects for both. I am going to take this one almost completely on faith that it will work out for me. I will of course continue to keep in contact with the rental companies and businesses that I've called and visited, but I'm not going to stress about it. A friend of mine told me this evening that he would be happy to go look at apartments for me and take photos and all that so I don't miss out on an opportunity for the places I'm really interested in. Both of them aren't available until mid-March, so I can't see them right now, but they seem reasonable in rent and are nice places in a good location. Can't ask for much more than that. There's really no "bad" neighborhood here in Missoula, so that's not really a concern of mine. Something that's really refreshing actually, and also something that I didn't fully appreciate until I was away.

I was just at my "home home" the last couple days, visiting a couple high school friends, and of course my parents. It's always good to go home. It seems that no matter how old you get going home is always comforting. I spent yesterday hanging out with my mom and then we went to Monday mass and soup supper at the church. Good times. :)

I did spend this morning at the optometrist though, for quite some time. I've had this little fuzzy spot in my left eye for a while now, and I'm hoping it will get fixed here soon. I'm getting some new contacts that are especially for astigmatism, so that should help. I also learned that people with astigmatism focus things in lines instead of dots, which is why you see the halo or star effect, because the light is being elongated by your eyeball. The doc I saw was really nice and explained a lot of stuff to me. Not only helpful, but insightful as well! I love learning new things. Downside, my eyes got dilated and I had pupils the size of saucers until 2pm today. And I always have one eye that undilates faster than the other, so I wind up looking like this: O_o Like some crazy anime cartoon, lol.

A huge thing that's happening is that one of my best friends from high school is getting married! It's a long story, and not really mine to tell, but they are getting joined by the Justice of the Peace this Friday, and then having a "real" wedding in September. I'm super excited for her! :) And bonus, I get to be a bridesmaid. ;) So there was a lot of wedding talk the past few days as well.... unreal. Awesome. But unreal.

Tomorrow is really my last day to putz around here, I'm going to drop off a couple rental applications and go by some places and talk to them more about hiring, but I'll be heading back to the desert Thursday bright and early. Yuck. I don't want to go back, I'm finally feeling good again. On the positive side, I won't be there too long, just over a couple weeks. And I get to go through and pack up all my stuff again... the joy.

All and all it's been a really helpful time for me, this little vacation. I'm rejuvenated and ready to make things happen so I can come back and be here for a while. Just be happy again. Ah, I'm so looking forward to it. :)


The Blonde Duck said...

I'm glad you're feeling so happy!

Island Girl said...

Woohoo! So glad you're happy! Good luck with the job/housing search!!!

R Susanna said...

Good luck with all the hunting! I admire you for your up beat attitude :)

Ann On and On... said...

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