Saturday, August 16, 2008

Na na na na... Batman!

These are some more cards I just finished. These are for a hand drawn Batman swap. I was actually pleasently surprised with how these turned out. The last picture is actually in my sketchbook and much bigger than the others. That's what made these so challenging, I don't usually draw on such a small surface. I also did them in marker, which is something else I don't usually use for hand done work. Tell me what you think!

I really like this one. It's really interesting in that there's more negative space than colored space.

I like how this one turned out too. It's a little off center, but I still like it.

Poison Ivy. I kind of just made this one up. Turned out pretty well I think.

This I'm particularly proud of. I got the image off a google image search and thought it was pretty freaking cool. This was done in pencil in my sketchbook. Yay Joker! I love him.

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