Monday, June 16, 2008

Pics! Well....a start...

I'm just throwing these up here for now, I'll add more and some explanations later :)

This is one of the signs we did for Paint Your Wagon. All those letters are individual cutouts and are actually held on by heavy duty velcro. They needed to rearrange them during the show.

This is view about a mile away from where I'm staying for the summer. Bigfork is right on Flathead lake (above) and is one of my favorite places to be. I took this during dinner one evening.

This is my friend and fellow painter Mike. He just finished carving big styrofoam mounds and decided he wanted to make a foam angel. :) He's also the designer for Paint Your Wagon.

I spent a whole day and a half on this stupid sign. That adds up to about 15 hours. It's double sided, and I wound up re-tracing those letters about 4 times apiece. But at least it looks good!

This is a close up of the false proscenium that we were making for Paint Your Wagon. It looks really good up, but it took FOREVER. It's a very large piece of muslin backed with about 10 sheets of luan, and all of the wagon wheels around the interior were cut out using jigsaws. I'm really kind of over wagon wheels at this point. lol

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