Sunday, June 29, 2008

Exciting Times

Sorry I've been so poor at updating as of late. We've been really busy here, and our last show of the season will soon be open. There's been a couple of tragic moments very recently. One being me throwing my new camera in a watery bucket of paint. I've since dried it out and tried to clean it as best I could, though there's a film on the inside of the lens that I can't get to. It still works and everything, but the pictures come out really fuzzy. Best Buy can't do anything for me because I didn't buy the right insurance when I bought the camera, so basically I have to buy a whole new camera. LAME! In a last ditch effort I'm going to try and take it to a little camera shop and see if they can get inside and give it a good cleaning. *sigh*

The other terrible excitement is that a few days ago a couple of kids came traipsing around the dorms up here (all of the playhouse company lives in 3 tech houses and one actor's dorm up on a hill) just wandering in without saying anything, banging around and leaving. When they got to our house, they took our fire extinguishers and set them off in our house before they ran out the door. This was at 12:30 at night. Luckily everyone in our house (there are 6 of us) were awake at the time. We all came out of our rooms and found the hallway filled with clouds of fire extinguisher dust.... which then proceeded to cover everything in our home. The kitchen is in the very front of our house, and it got the brunt of the damage, luckily the only we really lost was some boxed cereal and a little sleep. All of the actors got out of bed and came over to help us do an initial clean up, bless them. We cleaned until 2 in the morning. We still couldn't sleep in the house, so the rest of the company offered up their beds and spare rooms to us for the night. We cleaned the whole house three times the next day (that dust is nasty, it sticks to everything!), but finally got it back to the way it should be. We don't know who exactly did it yet, but when we find out, they're going to get a good scaring so they don't ever decide to do it to anyone else again. This is a good community and for something like this to happen is really unheard of. If you're familiar with the small town mentality, when someone decides to play pranks like this, it doesn't stay a secret long.

So those are my exciting stories as of late, hopefully I'll get some more pictures posted here soon.... the ones I took before I threw my camera in paint *d'oh*. Later! :)

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