Friday, April 4, 2008

Vegas, baby

So, I've just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. It was both for vacation and business, and overall I think it was fairly successful. It was really nice to get away to somewhere warm for a while. My main reason for going though, was to talk to Frank at the Bellagio and see if I can get a job there. I had sort of been planning on moving down there regardless, I was just hoping I would have a job and actually like the city when I went. As it turns out, both of these things are true. Although both not quite in the way I had expected. As far as the job thing goes, I apparently have more options than I originally anticipated. I figured I would just get a job with Frank and do the corporate load-in stuff, sort of along the lines of UM Productions work. They do mainly A/V and lighting, neither of which is my forte, but whatever, I'd learn. Apparently there's another company through MGM Mirage Entertainment that does more scenic and prop work, and Frank had talked to the guy in charge over there about me. I still have to get his number from Frank (he's out of the country right now) and call the guy, but I was really excited about that prospect. It sounds like even if I wander down there with no job planned that it wouldn't take me that long to find work. Vegas is so busy all the time they're always hiring people. As far as the city goes, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The Strip itself is ridiculous...completely insane all the time. But outside of that, Vegas is a really nice town. Since there's so much focus on that one area of the city, the parts outside of it are quite tame in comparison. The weather is warm, you can see palm trees and rust-colored mountains, and most of the people - at least the ones I ran into - seemed really nice. So I've made my decision. I'm picking up my life and moving to Las Vegas. Am I crazy? Probably. Do I question myself on a daily basis? Oh yeah. Will it be an adventure? You bet. And that's what I'm all about right now, a new adventure. I'm going to wrap it up in the cheesiest way possible by saying "not all who wander are lost"... and right now, I'm just wandering. :)

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